15 Games That Were Underwhelming But Still Sold A Ton of Copies

Some games are average, and even then they can become commercial darlings.

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Some games are too bad to enjoy, but even these underwhelming titles can still move millions of copies, tricking consumers into picking them up off the store shelves. Here are 15 underwhelming games that sold well.

Resident Evil 6 – Over 6 million sold

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is one of the worst entries in the series. It features three bloated storylines, each trying to achieve different things which end up overshadowing each other. The gameplay is also incredibly rough and is not nearly as fun as previous RE games. It sold well because it’s a sequel in a hit series, but it certainly didn’t win any awards.

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  • Limit Break

    Um… Yeah, but… uh… Where’s MGSV ?

    • DarthDiggler

      MGSV was impressive even with the few issues. I got well over a hundred hours out of the game which made the $60 investment more than worthwhile.

    • Limit Break

      I got no idea whatsoever how anyone but a non-MGS player can be satisfied by MGSV.

  • DarthDiggler

    @Matthew Herst

    Game of War Fire Age – if the premise of your article involved sales figures you need sales figures for every game you cite.

    Aliens: Colonial Marines – 1.31 million of sales = TONS OF COPIES? 1.3 million isn’t bad, but this game was using a liscense which likely ate into the profits.

    No Man’s Sky – Over 1.9 million of sales. 1.9 million isn’t bad but I wouldn’t quantify that as “tons” of copies sold. Also NMS had quite a few returns which VGChartz does not account for.

    Hey You, Pikachu! – Over 1.8 million of sales. Again not a huge number, over a million units means you are selling well, but not gang busters.

    The only games that should be on this list are ones that sold over 10 million IMHO.


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