15 Greatest Video Game Hoaxes That Trolled You To No End

Find out some great hoaxes and rumors that are so fake but at the time we thought were so real!

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Yeah. We get it. Video games can be the great experiences to have in life. They can control our emotion and wield our weaknesses. Video games have the power to be the most important things in our life and something we actually look up to. That is why these video game hoaxes we’ve uncovered were just way too good to be true.

Let’s take look at the most excruciatingly, funniest jokes we all fell for, and moments when we possibly knew it was too good to be true, but we all wanted it anyway.

Note: This list is random order. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, GamingBolt as an organization.

Aeris Lives

This was a true shocking moment when we all tried for hours on end in an hours on end-style game to make this dream come true. During the late 90s, when a little gem was released called Final Fantasy VII, we were all sitting on the edge of our seats when Sephiroth (the big bad) stabbed the female love interest, Aeris, through the midsection before Cloud could stop him. It was an emotional state of despair as we all wept, and screamed that it just wasn’t so! Aeris can’t die! Not like this! Some jokesters found a way to screw with our minds and spread a rumor that there was a way to save Aeris. It was mostly a bunch of item fetching and questing for characters that didn’t exist. But tThere was no saving her. But the days of the early internet rumor spreading trolled us hard.

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      Get firefox and Ad Blocker Pro. I never even saw an ad. I turned the garbage ads off years ago and the internet is actually an enjoyable place because of it.

  • One With Shadows

    15 greatest video game hoaxes? Xbox 1 is #1 right?

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  • Katharin Attanasio

    Correction: Page 3, “You can’t really get Mew”, that would be untrue. The trick -does- work (On the original Blue version, at least. I’ve never tried it on Red) and I happen to still have the cartridge to show it. Not that I remember the convoluted method to unlocking it, but it involves getting multiple Master Balls and, yes, going somewhere special.

  • Rik

    No mention of EGM’s TMNT2 Simon Belmont prank? People fell for that for years.


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