15 Reasons Why Sunset Overdrive Is Now Xbox One’s Most Wanted Title

Specially after Ryse And Dead Rising 3 ditch their Xbox One exclusivity.

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Every game has something to deliver that makes its followers go nuts over it. But what if the game itself that promises to deliver something substantial, is nuts itself? That roughly sums up the game Sunset Overdrive. It’s an open world third person shooter that conforms in no way to the established paths that games of the said category follow. It’s precisely the reason why Sunset Overdrive – an Xbox One exclusive – is one of the most anticipated games on the Xbox One. After the loss of Dead Rising 3 and Ryse’s Xbox One exclusivity, Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive is perhaps Microsoft’s most important title since the console’s launch.

So what makes Sunset Overdrive one of the most wanted Xbox One titles? There’s quite a lot to go on about; half of it not sensible a smidgen, but that’s the gist of it.

15. It’s Open World

Sunset Overdrive

Just like so many games that will be coming out this year and later on, Sunset Overdrive too is an open world game providing a plethora of opportunities to explore the world in a variety of different ways that are bound to ensure more than just an engaging experience. Looking at the premise itself is enough that the open world of the game is going to enrapturing to say the least.

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  • GHz

    MS have a habit of spreading their IP across other platforms, mainly PC, since like for ever. This is nothing new. How many pple know that Viva la piñata was developed for Nintendo DS? Not many, but it was and look, MS is still a success.

    I think its great that developers who create these fun games get to keep their IP, and in the end get to decide what to do with their creation. Industry is changing and it looks like for the better. In the end gamers win, because we get to play the games no matter which platform we favor.

    • Thinkaboutit

      I love how every comment now is oh its coming to pc too. Give it a rest, this article has nothing to do with that.

    • GHz

      “Specially after Ryse And Dead Rising 3 ditch their Xbox One exclusivity.”

      Referring to his sub headline.Mind your business if you cant see that.

  • Mark

    I couldn’t disagree with this article more. Great writeup about the actual game, and gettin me pumped. But, there’s no way SO will do the numbers MCC will. Even though, it’s still a rehash. Basically, MCC provides not only the numerous campaigns from each Halo (except for Reach and ODST), but people will get to play one of the best multiplayer shooters ever done. MP alone will have people playing for arguably, a year. Don’t forget about the Gaurdians beta too. I don’t see SO doing that at all.

    • Paddy

      Perhaps I’m one of the rare few, but I’ll probably get SO over MCC just because I’m looking for something new. With that said, I’ll probably pick up the MCC down the road when it goes cheaper. Something about spending $60 on games I’ve already paid for and played doesn’t excite me over a brand new game. If SO comes out and the reviews say it isn’t that good, I’ll reconsider though.

  • Starman

    First of all , this is bogus , CRYTEK AND CAPCOM said their games did great numbers on the xb1 ..and it was posted on this and IGN website … MS funded the whole RYSE and then paid them , one game will not make a whole company go under ..and I don’t know where they get that crap about DR3 losing money …

    now CRYTEK wants to blame MS , lol, they rushed the game out and didn’t market it properly … SSO is done right and will do great …Watch what and how you post ‘G.B.’ or you will end up just like G.T. and IGN is on their way out ..for being FANBOY “CLICK BAIT” junkies …

  • Joffre Arteaga

    Sony’s checks go far on the web , i mean type in Xbox one on Google and its gloom and doom,you’d think Microsoft main office is abandoned or that MS is about to go under, this is despite posting a 32 billion dollar profit to Sony’s 1 billion dollar loss. But as long as those Sony checks keep clearing that’s what we are going to get, If MS changes positions the are dong a 180 and if they don’t they don’t listen to the consumer , if they give away free things then they are desperate if they give nothing they they are greedy.

  • Matthew Sizemore

    This and the MCC might just be enough to get me to preorder this white bundle.


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