15 Video Game Clichés You Couldn’t Live Without

Red Barrels? Zombie Outbreak?

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We often complain about overused clichés in gaming, but sometimes we know we just couldn’t do without them. Here’s our list of 15 gaming clichés none of us could live without.

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Zombie Outbreaks

Every time a new zombie game is announced, we all collectively sigh. “Another zombie game,” we fruitlessly ask ourselves. But we also know that sometimes those zombie games are good, and sometimes it has to be zombies. Would Telltale’s The Walking Dead be any good if you took out the zombies? How would that even work? Even games that have enemies that function like zombies but won’t call them such, like The Last of Us worked perfectly because of the infected creatures.

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  • Holeybartender

    Great video except for one thing, WTH is wrong with Blitzball!? That was one of the best mini games ever! It was so good it actually felt like a whole game,I played it more than the actual game AND you could replay it well after beating the real game . How can you not like that!? Sure it was dumbed down considerably for FFX-2 but the first one was awesome,it had character stats,strategy, tournaments. I hadn’t seen that level of a fun mini-game since the card games of FF9.


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