25 Famous Video Games Demade Into Stunning 8-Bit Classics

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Assassin's Creed

Assassin\'s Creed

Who doesn’t love 8-bit games? It overwhelms people with nostalgia and most indie developers nowadays are making plenty of games that really engages the mind with such simplistic looking yet in-depth games.
Have you ever thought how a popular current gen video game would look like if demade into the 8-bit classic games of the Yore? Don’t think too much about it, our feature will show you all you need to know.
We have created a gallery of 25 famous video games demade into 8-bit games and they look stunning! Check them out and please leave your feedback in the comments section below.
All credit goes to jnkboy, techeblog, holmadegames, blog.gaborit-d.com & pixeljoint for these awesome 8-bit demakes.
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  • Aw geez. That’s awful. Is this common now? Sprites = 8-bit? NEWFLASH: 8-bit typically means 25 colours, MAX.
    My favourite was the Mario Kart image.
    – The game was originally released in 16-bit
    – This “8-bit version” far surpasses the graphics of the original
    – The original would have been a FAR better game than that polished looking thing!

    Metroid was a runner up since it had 2 8-bit games that looked nothing like the one imaged. But I understand they were “re-making” the Prime series. w/e

  • Juan D’Marco

    The TF2 one is too detailed even for 16 bits

  • YOyoYOyo

    “WOW! I never imagined a Metroid or Mario Kart in 16-bit” – Said no gamer ever.

  • James

    The poster of this article is both ignorant and stupid, and arrogant as well for believing that the entire gaming community would be fooled by his complete lack of knowledge as to what an 8 bit game looked like.

  • cms1121

    The S.S.B.B Demade Is Already Made… It’s On PC And Is Called Super Smash Flash…

  • cool!


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