25 Most Beautiful Fantasy Cosplays

The best of fantasy copslay that you will ever see.

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Fantasy games are a big part of the industry. We’ve got Greek mythology, beasts that fit inside tiny balls, a land full of dragons, a city strife with political conflict between different races. Hell, a franchise even goes all out and has the word “Fantasy” in its name. I mean, it doesn’t get clearer than that. So obviously, there are a ton of amazing cosplays on fantasy games around the internet.

It sure is compiling and presenting just 25 of these amazing images to you, but we’ve got 25 of the most beautiful fantasy cosplays right here. Have a look above, and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Potato

    Sylvanas Windrunner*

    • Nerdoholics Anonymous

      No. It’s Sylvan as Windrunner. Windrunner is an elf archer from…erm…apparently DOTA(got to be some copyright or something there you would think), and I’m assuming that Sylvan is the person’s name. Or maybe the author just really wanted to do that pun.

    • SlashHarkiri

      No, Its Sylvanus Windrunner from Warcraft, you pleb.

    • SlashHarkiri

      ALTHOUGH I will point out that its not really either character. probably just some WOW characters cosplay. that bow is mad huge

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  • myself

    Lightning sucks as a character, needs to be butchered more.
    Draeni can’t be judged from that angle…auto suckishness

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  • Zlanthior

    Ezio doesn’t wear a cape with that costume

    • Kesshou

      He does before he gets to Masyaf. He drops it in that opening sequence before the battle where he’s caught.

    • Zlanthior

      Ohh yeah, you’re right, my bad

  • Extremer

    number 3… Like a NightGaler

  • When did photoshopping your face on a character constitute cosplay?

  • There is something a little bit in some virtual images. But it is art.

  • blacksmith

    the weapons are horrible, who made this things!

  • Lanie Kotze

    number 10 is wrong. firstly the name is spelled wrong. Sylvanas Windrunner. Secondly she is from WoW, not DOTA. Thirdly that is not her 😛

  • augis157

    7 for the win! Warcraft FT wont die!, and WOW sucks by the way <.<


    This list is terrible… not even close to the top cosplays.
    Where are these for example?

  • Ramón García


  • Girlea Gligor

    19 e foarte buna

  • Girlea Gligor

    cel de la 24 e bun

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