30 Jaw Dropping, Hardcore And Stunning Video Game Cosplays

This is going to make your day.

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Akuma and Sagat

Akuma and Sagat

Source: darkainmx

We have collected for you thirty amazing video game cosplays that will surely make your day. We have listed almost every major video game protagonist in this list. Right from Kratos to Strider Hiryu. Given that we have so many video game characters to tackle, it’s next to impossible to list all of your favorite video game character cosplays.
These people put in a lot of time and effort to resemble popular video game characters and they deserve a mention. Hats off to their creativity. Video game cosplays and cosplayers are indeed a very important element of the video games industry and this is what perhaps makes it so unique.
Check out more awesome features here. What do you guys think about these awesome cosplays and cosplayers? Let us know in the comments section below.
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  • Nigga Tim

    Holy geez, that Mega Man X cosplay is horrible. Should have used more foam.

  • Dunhill An


  • Lord_hanson

    What a sausage fest.

  • MCRenardt


  • Darc9

    Looks like they are enjoying it.

  • Borden

    Seriously, not a single woman? Not even one? This sucks, not sure if it says more about the gaming industry or the people who made the list.

  • JTK

    Guile could hide that broom stick behind him.


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