50 Worst Video Game Box Covers Of All Time

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Games have come a long way over the years, with a dedicated fan network screaming and shouting various games into their correct positions within the sales chart. The great games are praised and passed along by word of mouth, and the rubbish games are (largely) boycotted as those with taste condemn them in public forum. I remember a time in my youth though when this information network wasn’t as robust, and you often picked up a game just because it had cool box art. Even though some of these games are real classics, they comprise the fifty games you would have never thought of buying for this reason. Read on for the fifty worst game box covers ever.

Thanks go to http://www.heavy.com/games/2010/04/the-20-worst-video-game-box-covers/, http://www.funnyordie.com/slideshows/ef1f17d23c/32-of-the-worst-video-game-covers and http://www.1up.com/features/worst-box-covers?pager.offset=0 for inspiration.

Having celebrity endorsements is one thing, but having an uncanny depiction of an ageing baseball star is a different matter altogether.

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  • Chriswich

    Matt Hazard is a parody of action games. The cover is SUPPOSED to look like a video game cliche.

  • Most of the cover arts and names in these video games are horrible! I like Beyond: Two souls (not in list) cover, it’s different and fresh for the gaming industry.

  • jpeg

    omg they found lil wayne in a video game

  • matt

    I hate these lists because the author is really fishing for 80% of the examples. Really knocking Resident Evil 6 because its name is established? I don’t even play those games and I get it…

  • Rasslin Good

    Seems like you ran out of real “worst video game covers” at the count of 30. Covers like the one from Saint Row III, Walking Death, Survival (to name I few I can remember) are not bad at all (let alone “worst”).

    Also, pretty miffed you missed THE worst cover ever: Killer Kong for the Spectrum 48K. Google it.

    And I agree with the other posters: why do I need to reload the page 50 times? The formatting is done by an amateur, that much is clear.

  • Anon

    Did you actually do ANY research before committing this load of garbage to the intertubes? I’ve never played this but…I don’t know but….I couldn’t be bothered to google shit to find out real facts to base my fatuous self inflated opinion on. 0/10. Redo from Start and don’t hire retards for writers.

  • Commander Derpenstein

    The “vague pattern” on The Walking Dead cover is the angel wings from the back of Daryl’s jacket. Since you play as Daryl, it makes sense.

  • Raw Shark

    Viva la Chegwin

  • Dont tcha

    The Survivor Box (37/50) is really good.
    It does not matter if the game is shit, we are talking about game boxes here. I can bet that the box helps to sell the game.

  • Hi everyone

    No. 7 looks freakin wierd lol printing fail

  • Joniaco Flow

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHBHU2aGtRY it looks like a girl doing a blowjob to a giraffe

  • dantastique

    I’d say this looked AMAZING in the artists head.

  • Bifflesticks

    Enjoy your add revenue, fucking losers.

  • Jacob Gonzales


  • Travis

    Why should I have to see the ads on the side of your page AND see a video ad every four slides for 50 pages. Never coming back to this site again.

  • Juckles

    Stopped at #3, frickin’ Ninja Scooter Simulator, because I just couldn’t take the slowdowns anymore.

  • ???

    Look guys, stop complaining about the format and just read the pages.

  • Joe

    50 pages? how is this place still running?

  • shipoopi

    WTF this must be one of the worst articles I have read. A lot of the commentary under the covers isn’t even about the cover but about the game itself (like nr. 37) This website needs a lot of changes to make it decent. Cause it’s very, very bad as it is now.


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