7 Gruesome Decapitation Scenes in Video Games

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Shooting somebody in the gut or in the chest can be fun (I mean in video games), but nothing equals the fun in blowing somebody’s head off. Through this article we take a look at some of the best decapitation scenes in video games. Beware; some scenes may be extremely graphic, so proceed with caution.

7. Limbo

You’re walking forward, with nothing but the black-and-white visual pallet to accompany you. You jump over a bear trap which can tear you limb from limb in the most gruesome manner, with blood, the only colour you’ll ever see in the game, spilling all over the black ground. You walk forward towards a tree, and suddenly, a dead boy’s body, tied limply to a rope that is tied to the tree’s branch, falls down, but doesn’t hit the ground. A spider follows you and sticks its leg right through you, like a knife cutting through bread, and again, you see the same blood. Trust me, you’ll see quite a lot of red in Limbo, and yes, it’ll be awesome.

6. Brutal Legend

This decapitation is unusual. It‘s more funny than heart gripping. This scene is from the ending of Brutal Legend where Lord Doviculus is decapitated by Eddie Riggs. And after slicing his head off, the way Eddie shouts…DECAPITATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO­OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO­OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO­OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO­OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO­OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO­OOOOOON…is pretty epic! Check it out below.

5. Resident evil 4

Poor Leon Kennedy, he’s been a given a job to save the President’s daughter against a species who are much more dangerous than the zombies. Yes, I am talking about the Las Plagas, and these guys were technologically advanced with all the laser traps and all (if you have played the game, you will know what I am talking about). One of the most irritating foes you will face was the guy who had his face covered with some sort of a mask, and running after you to slice your neck with his chain saw. Check the video below.

4. Dead Space

Much like Fallout 3, Dead Space had some amazing decapitation moments. But this one is pretty unique. The necromorph will first attack your neck and head area continuously until it splices and dices your tissues. Now when the head comes off, the necromorph will inject its legs in to the body and become the head itself. The scene ends with Issac’s body becoming a part of Necromorph, geez!

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  • http://Website John G

    What about ‘Barbarian’ on the ZX Spectrum?!?

    • wasiu alabi

      i can not blame you

  • http://Website Reigen

    well ill just say this
    ive played games that hawe better decapitations, but as far as youre list goes…
    my wote goes for Kratos, not cuz he decapitated a god by using his bare hands(unlike guns and chainsaws), but because he found use for Heliuses screaming head, and thats a wery good decapitation, one that(unlike others) is wery useful for you in the continuing game

  • http://Website Jeff

    Cool list, but it really detracts a lot that you have to watch the sponsor video on Every.Single. Clip. Yes, we all know black ops is coming out and will be chock full O’ DLC goodies, but on every one?

    • http://Website matt

      really? all my videos were sponcered by the magic of disney!

  • http://starwarsforps3.com Star Wars for ps3

    Nah, the kratos one should have been number 1.

    the fear one was cool, but it just doesnt stack up to the skin stretching, veins wiggling and popping while kratos rips his heads off.

    • http://Website mystical


  • http://Website Maritzel Aue Fie

    The Many Deaths Of Chris Redfield was funny. The Fear 2 decapitation is good. He twists his head off with his hands.

    • http://Website blahblahblah

      i’m pretty sure there were no Chris Redfield videos in this list.

      lrn2read loser! It’s Leon Scott Kennedy!

  • http://Website Ryan B

    the last one if i recall is definitely from Fear 2 at the end…because i only played that fear and that was in it.

  • http://Website Nevaar

    There’s no red in Limbo. Fantabulous game tho!!

  • http://Website Derp

    Pretty weak list. Where’s Mortal Kombat?Soldier of Fortune? Ninja Gaiden? Gears of War? Postal?

    • http://Website Frost

      I agree. Mortal Kombat deaths ar EPIC

  • http://Website Blacklight

    It’s a pretty cool list, but I am surprised at the lack of Prototype. That game is gory, I tell you.

  • http://Website Josh

    There were way more intense deaths in dead space than that one especially by boss characters.

  • http://Website LeetheGirl

    Dead Space has the best death scenes of any game. Most of them are decapitation because in order for a new necromorph to form they required your head. But there are also several other varied and awesome ways to die.

    The development team put a lot of time into the deaths. It’s like they soften the blow of your fail like: “Oh, are you dead? That’s okay, you just watch this gruesome and bloody animation and try again.”

    And it works!

  • http://Website chcolatefail

    I always thought the Gears of War sniper headshots were pretty impressive never really saw that gin games before then

  • http://Website chaplinfolk

    dude, Kane and Lynch 2, bathroom camcorder and box cutters. most hectic thing i’ve seen.

  • http://Website nbvnb

    nothing close to the cartels decapitations.

  • http://Website Darkhawk

    I realise the whole game is practically one long decapitation, but I really liked Chainsaw-arm in Madworld.

  • http://Website scott glover

    You guys left out gears of war, come on the main gun is a chainsaw where you cut the guy in half curbstomp and do possibly everything come on.. limbo? that game is as violent as mario jumping on koopas

  • http://Website Abdullah

    fall out 3 video doesn’t work …

  • http://Website Diago is retarded

    No Mortal Kombat? That game has so many ways to cut peoples heads off…

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