An Analyst Believes That Destiny Might Sell 15 Million Copies This Year Alone

That’s huge.

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That Bungie’s Destiny will be huge is incontestable. It’s been setting records in the lead up to its release, and it’s got pretty much no competition this year, as most of the big name games were delayed to next year. It also has an incredible marketing campaign backing it up, as well as the name of Bungie, who gave the world Halo, associated with it.

But just how big is big? An analyst from Sterne Agee, Arvind Bhatia, believes that we are looking at a game that could sell as many as 15 million units before the end of this year. Just for context, that would be more than the average FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and Pokemon game. And this would all be for a brand new IP. The amazing thing is, it’s not even a far fetched prediction.

This prediction is based on the response to the beta (it had the biggest beta of all time), as well as retailer tracking- if this is true, then Destiny could become this generation’s breakout story.

It is due to hit Xbox and PlayStation consoles soon. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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  • Psionicinversion

    the beta may also have put alot of people off. also it wasnt only pre-ordered people that got to play it as every pre-oreder got an additional 1-3 keys to give it to people then they opened it up to everyone. so its not a sign of how many ppl will buy it

  • Tom Krager

    This game is all hype . . . just like watch dogs. I hope that one day gamers will stop buying into studio hype up and advertising.

    • d0x360

      Well…no. Unlike watch dogs destiny has already proven itself to be a lot of fun. It does everything Bungie said it would do. Watch dogs isn’t a very good game. Destiny is.

    • Tom Krager

      I haven’t played it yet but from what I have seen, it looks rather bland and played out. Seems like it has all been done before.
      Fun? aye but it’s not anything new.

    • d0x360

      True its not really anything new. Its like they put halo, phantasy star online and mmo raids into a blender and out came destiny.

      Despite it not being ground breaking I enjoyed playing the beta and I actually decided yesterday to buy it.

  • d0x360

    Its possible but I dont know if I’ll be there. I was very hyped for destiny. Played the alpha yo death then again I played the beta to death. The only platform I didn’t play the beta on was ps3 as my ps3 is a Dev unit and can’t access psn.

    Until a couple weeks ago I was ready for destiny. In the time since thinking about all the other games coming out now I just don’t know. I buy a lot of games. My monthly budget for games is generally about $200. There is so much good stuff between now and Christmas I figure since I’ve already played destiny I can wait till I can find it for cheaper. I only have a couple friends interested in destiny and one of them hates raids and collecting loot he just wants to power through the story. He also happens to be my most frequent gaming partner so destiny with him will be lacking. My few other friends who want it are rarely on when I am. We all have jobs and we work at different times except on weekends.

    I just don’t know…

  • GHz

    Did the pre download thing. Its super convenient 😀


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