Atlus USA: We Can Confirm Persona 5 Is Launching In North America in 2015

‘The only thing I can confirm is Persona 5 for 2015.’

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Update: A mistake led to a misattribution of the original source. The news post has been rectified with the original sourced linked. We apologize for the mistake.

Original article:

I’m starting to lose hope that Persona 5 will ever actually release, let alone in 2015. We haven’t officially heard anything about the game for a very long time now, and considering that even the Japanese release for the game seems to be up in the air right now, a 2015 release date for Persona 5 in North America looks very unlikely to me.

That said, Atlus USA’s John Hardin is holding strong in his insistence that Persona 5 is indeed going to make it out in 2015 in North America and possibly even Europe. In an interview with God Is A Geek, that was what he just reiterated.

“We are trying to get publishers locked in for our titles in EU and will announce things when they are locked in. We don’t want another Shin Megami Tensei IV or Devil Survivor Overclocked situation. We are very aware of what happens when we make premature announcements for Europe. At least I am. The only thing I can confirm for Persona 5 is 2015.”

We are halfway through August right now- this leaves just four more months in 2015. Guys, now might be a good time to announce a release month at the very least, if nothing else.

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  • Miles Quatermass

    I want this to be true, but I’m still skeptical. Have they been working on the localization while the game has been in development?

    • Yuuki

      i guess so, afterall remember they where confortable enough to say it will release winter 2014 before they also started development for the vita which would mean they where overall fairly close to finishing the ps3 version.

    • Miles Quatermass

      You mean PS4, right? P5 hasn’t been, and probably never will be, announced for Vita.

    • Yuuki

      no idea why i wrote vita xD

    • We have no idea what actually caused the delay. The PS4 version was likely part of the reason, but I doubt it is the only reason.

    • Matthew Thomson

      Man you are really annoying, I see you on all the other comment threads crapping on Atlus. How about you give some proof about them not working on the localization instead of just spreading rumors?
      You have nothing more then your own crap guesses

    • I used evidence for my claims. And of course I am all over when it comes to P5. The masses must be educated.

    • Matthew Thomson

      Interesting, I mean you back it up with nothing more then “I don’t think they can do it”

    • gouramiagogo

      You don’t seem to understand what “evidence” is.

    • Yuuki

      just ignore him

    • gouramiagogo

      I wish your ban on, for presenting conjecture as fact, and shouting down anyone who disagrees, extended to other sites.

    • They can work on it while it is in development, they haven’t been though. The game will be hitting in the US in 2016. Japan is still up in the air. Europe and Australia is 2016 or beyond because well it is Europe/Australia.

    • Ryo Shenmue

      They showed the trailer with some english translation at E3….so yes.


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