Battleborn Beta Graphics Comparison: PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC

Our first look at Battleborn across all versions.

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Gearbox Software’s Battleborn, although a ton of fun, finds itself in a rather tough situation. With Overwatch taking away much of the attention it’s a shame that Battleborn may not receive the recognition it deserves if the beta is anything to go by. One look at Battleborn and it’s impossible to not notice Borderland’s influence on character design and art style. The game does not seem to be pushing the visual envelope so it should not be taxing any platform, right?

Before we jump into analyzing all three versions, there are a couple of things that need to be mentioned. First of all, this is a beta so what we mention here may not apply to the retail version. Things can always change in the final version but analyzing pre-release builds helps all of us understand how things are moving forward development wise. Secondly, this is going to be a brief look at all three platforms but you can expect a fully fledged analysis when the game launches next month.

The Xbox One version runs at a native 1080p resolution whereas the PS4 version also runs at a native 1920 X 1080p resolution. On the performance front we are primarily looking at a locked 30 fps experience on both consoles, which is a surprise if we were to be honest. We were expecting 60fps given the fast action gameplay. Whether this impacts gameplay in any way is something we will take a look in the final version but the lack of a 60fps in the beta is a tad disappointing. Regardless, the game manages to deliver a smooth 30 frames per second with only a few frame rate drops.

Switching over to the PC build, the developers recommend an Intel i5-750 / AMD Phenom IIx4 945 and AMD HD 7850/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 along with 6GB of memory. As expected, not many PCs will have issues running this game at maxed out 1080p settings at 60 fps. We tested the game on an Nvidia 970 GTX and Intel Core i7-3770, and as expected no issues with frame rates. But we did observed torn frames at times resulting into screen tearing. Hopefully, this is something that the developers will fix by launch.

We also wanted to specifically mention about anti-aliasing. There seems to be something wrong with the way AA is implemented on all platforms. On the PS4 and Xbox One versions one can clearly see jaggies on object edges but the real surprise is that it’s also present on the PC build.

Regardless, it seems that Battleborn is shaping up quite well but the lack of 60 fps on consoles is something we are going to be talking about when the game launches next month.

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  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    Just so everyone knows 1920 x 1080p is the same as 1080p. Xbox One’s version is the same or better than the PS4 version. It has better hardware than PS4. PS4 is junk.

    • BlacKJesu5

      Okay…ill bite

    • Doggystyle


    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

      Silky smooth sub-30FPS trashboxes. LMAO

      60FPS exclusive on PC again 🙂

    • Mr Plinkus

      One day , when you’re above the age of 10 you will realise that a game doesn’t have to have 4K resolutions or 60fps to be enjoyable. Until that day , you will miss out on many great games.

    • Jacob Smith

      No, it only needs to be 1080p/60 to be enjoyable.

    • Ruth Sullivan

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    • Mr Plinkus

      Xbox One has better hardware than the PS4 !!! Of course it has , and Elvis Presley has been found alive and well living on the moon !!

    • Zach

      i thought you were one of those people that was actually going to argue that xbox has better hardware then ps. 360 had a little better than ps3 most of the time, but now it is ps4 > xbone. Not that xbox can’t have good looking games.

    • Zach

      lol. nope. Look at many of the ps4 and xbox one games that are played on both consoles. Most of the time, the ps4 will have either a better fps or res. or sometimes even both.

  • Phillip Bailey

    I played then battleborn beta on PC and I can honestly say that battleborn will be added to my steam library.

  • Zach

    Well, this just proves my point of 4k console gaming is not going to happen. If they sell a 400 dollar console that can’t ALWAYS have games that run 1080p at 60fps reliably then how can they make a console run 4k anywhere close to or around 30fps? Even if they do, they will probably charge hundreds and hundreds for it, also, i don’t have a 4k tv, neither do many of my friends. So, instead of trying for some insane idea of 4k gaming for consoles, they need to work on just making a game have good graphics (1080p) with good fps (if its gonna be 30fps, then make it NEVER drop below that) i am not a pc player, i love consoles, but it makes me mad how i just bought my ps4 in september, and they are trying for something new. Also, i think battleborn looked good, and that you don’t need 4k to look good, 1080p 60fps looks absolutely beautiful, especially on a 38″ plus tv. Sorry for my rant, i am just angry with people.

  • Jacob Smith

    “smooth 30 frames per second” Ha.

    The Anti-aliasing is FXAA which is crap, but for a game with simple graphics like this I do not think it matters.


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