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Its no secret that DICE are pulling the strings in the right direction for Battlefield 3 and with a spree of impressive gameplay videos circling the internet, the sequel to the highly successful Battlefield 2 already has an insane amount of hype. Today we bring you some new details via an interview regarding the game, the destruction that made Bad Company 2 pretty popular and more. Quotes are by Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach. Check it out below.

There is a lot of questions in the industry that whether consoles are holding PC gaming back and  Patrick totally agrees to the same.

“Yes, absolutely. That’s the biggest problem we have today. Most games are actually still based on the same core idea that the consoles are your focus, the superior platform or something. I don’t know why. That was the truth 5 years ago, but the world has moved on. PCs are way more powerful than the consoles today and there are actually almost zero games out there that actually use the benefits of this.”

He also admits the fact that since PC is the lead platform for Battlefield 3 it has actually helped them to make a better console game.

“In theory you could argue that you’re building it for a more powerful platform and that it will look crappy on consoles. That’s not the case because when you build the target high, you can then pick and choose from the target and ask what actually creates this picture and then pick the best things from that and turn that into your console solution. The other thing that is very interesting is that since you’re building the engine based on the knowledge that you will release it on the consoles, you actually streamline the whole technology to be able to scale back to the weaker platforms. So in the end, by, you know, painting this high-end target, you actually set a new bar and then when you scale it back, I think people will be surprised to see how good it looks on the consoles. We can’t show it right now, because we’re aiming to use the PC to set the bar, but it’s actually helping us make a better console game.”

Now this one is pretty exciting. There will be more destruction in Battlefield 3.

“Battlefield 2 didn’t have any destruction so Battlefield 3 will be the first core title with destruction and of course we’re doing some bold moves by not only being in the more urban environments, where we’ve been before, but we’re going into cities now, so you need to have even more destruction where you can actually affect objects – the buildings around you, to make it feel like a physical world.”

Battlefield 3 will feature ANT motion technology which is seen in EA Sports games.

“our animation system that will be working with a central EA tech service, where they created this animation system called “ANT,” primarily for EA sports titles. So you can see it being used in FIFA, for instance, and the characters in FIFA look amazing, probably the best looking sports game out there, but taking that into first person experience was quite cumbersome, it took quite a lot of energy and time, quite a lot of collaboration to get that going, but if you look at the result today in the images you’ve seen from Battlefield 3, we’re taking this to a completely new level.”

He also confirms that there will be co-op but does not give away any details:

“We will have co-op in the game, but I won’t go into details for what that means…”

With the advent of Bad Company DICE was becoming too much “consolized” but now they seem to be moving from that perception.

” We’re setting the target with our high-end PCs, making sure that when we show footage now, it’s on the PC. And we are a PC studio from the core and also looking at the audience today, the hardcore PC gamer is no different than the hardcore console gamer. That was not the case five years ago. Then, you had the more casual console audience and the more hardcore PC audience. I think that is very blurred today. People are extremely hardcore on consoles today. Extremely hardcore. So we don’t have to dumb the game down in any way to make it fit on the console. It’s still a very hardcore game, but then you still want the game to be accessible and some PC users might think that it’s a good thing that games are complicated. We do not agree. Battlefield 2 was a very accessible game. It’s real easy to get into, but it’s super deep and really hard to master and that’s what we wanted to achieve with battlefield 3.”

Battlefield 3 will consist of 64 player online for PC and the game will apparently include JETS 😀

Stay tuned with GamingBolt for more news and updates.

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  • Ugh. Not the dreaded PC vs Console discussion! Yeah yeah, PC is more powerful the day you buy it, but after one year you can’t play any new releases without upgrading. For example, my PC is 4 years old. I have upgraded the video card as far as it will go without having to replace the motherboard and power supply. I cannot play ANY new releases on it. Even games that came out 2 years ago I have to crank down the graphic settings to get them to run smooth.
    A new pc with a nice graphics card today will be a dinosaur in a year. That’s not my opinion, it’s just a fact. On the other hand, my 5.5 year old console plays all the new releases in high definition on a 52 inch LCD with most of the top selling shooters running at 60FPS. Crisis 2? Check. Black Ops? Check. Gears of War 3? Check. (coming soon)
    Look, I am no game developer, and I give HUGE kudos to you guys for squeezing every last drop of power out of these systems. It’s a testament to your expertise and also to what these consoles are capable of in the right hands. I don’t know what corners you guys cut on the console versions of these games, but alot of them look and run every bit as good as their PC counterparts with no upgrading or additional spending needed. That’s why consoles will always outsell PC. STAYING POWER.

    • Anyone that knows a lick about the finer points of PC gaming can pick apart the inaccuracies in your statements. I am currently own an M9650F HP Elite (release date 13-Mar-2009) that I bought for a bargain price. I upgraded the video card to a 5770 over a year ago. The system was originally manufactured with Windows Vista, which I upgraded to Windows 7.

      I can play ANY current FPS title on it. Both Crysis 2 and Homefront run on high settings. I can also play any MMO title on it with maxed out settings.

      You either have something wrong with your system or there is weak link in your components.

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  • @warlok
    you must’ve built a shitty PC because my $60 Radeon HD4670 runs new games on high.

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  • Battlefield 3 will consist of 64 player online for PC and the game will apparently include JETS 🙂

    -No shit, so did every other battlefield in history…


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