Battlefield 3 versus Killzone 3: HD Screenshot Comparison

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As the days have gone by there has been some considerable hype building behind Battlefield 3 with an all new game play trailer getting released yesterday. Though the trailer was not rich on content but it set the internet ablaze. You can take a look at it below:

So how is the game stacking up against the recently released Killzone 3? I know it is early to compare Battlefield 3 with an already released game but this comparison will help set our expectations from DICE when Battlefield 3 releases later this year.
We can’t say whether these are in-game or pre-rendered shots but they look pretty close as to what a Battlefield 3 game should look like.
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  • aquaman22

    damn! Well they do look very VERY similar but i think one or two of those from BBC3 look to be pre-rendered, not that i’m being biased because of my affinity for KZ3, but it just looks that way to me. Also i think they’re stacking up just about identical, like i can’t really tell much from between them, which is pretty damn impressive on DICE’s part. They’re going to be proving that their engine Frostbite 2.0 can withstand against the likes of the Crytek and the Guerilla engine. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn up. Let’s NOT however forget a little game called……RESISTANCE 3!!! whose gameplay looked amazing as well! so we’ll see. Aqua Out!!!

    • Ahh man, that what I love! Its not! Its frostbite 3 and its lighting. It will bring even the baddest of beast-rigs around to its knees with its real time calculations but OHH MAAN It’ll be good!

  • KZ3 screens looks scaled and BF3 screens looks like prerendered. KZ is also much more crispier than these “screenshots”

  • they both look amazing in their own right, and while they are both graphical behemoths, i would say bf3 is marginally better. but then again, it should be, as it’s been in the making for several years now, longer than kz3.

    the platform on which the bf3 screens are on hasn’t been confirmed to my knowledge. if it’s the pc version, and it’d explain a lot, but if it isn’t, i can’t wait to see what that’s like!

  • Thatruth86

    im sorry as much i love the kz franchise i have to say battlefield 3 took the crown from what but it might be to early n if this is for console or pc shit looks awesome cant wait for more footage.

    • aquaman22

      @Truth, that’s a great point there for once truth lol. I never thought about it in terms of whether this trailer was PC based or Console based because we all know PC gaming is superior in the graphics department and I think framerate which might be the same or considered in the graphics aspect of things. So we’ll have to see, but I still think KZ3 looks incredible and they both look similar. It’s also hard to judge because of the environment and color palettes that guerrilla uses in their KZ franchise. Aqua Out!!!

  • There is so much wrong with this comparison. What are you comparing? How can you compare against a game that is not out, and you don’t even know if the shots are in-game or pre-rendered? Oh wait…I forgot you said “…they look pretty close as to what a Battlefield 3 game should look like…” How do you know?

  • arklay13

    Man thats …… close, I mean there are minor diff. KZ3 has a more out of this world kinda cartoon vibe, and BF3 just looks like real, but KZ3 has some incredible contrasting colors, while BF3 has a more monotone palette. Both look amazing and Guerrilla shows they now how to use the PS3 just like Naughty Dog. But Dice has proven themselves BEFORE and they are ready to do it again BF3


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