Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Issues to be noted

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We all know that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be a great game. One of our editors will have the review of the game pretty soon. Any case the original set new standards in the first person shooter genre and the sequel has a tough task ahead. Here we analyze some of the issues we had in the first game and unfortunately we might see them in the sequel as well.

Length of Single Player Campaign

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare had some of the best single player campaigns in first person shooters. Some of the action easily rivalled Hollywood and specially the ending sequences were crazy. But the only thing that really bugged me was the length of single player campaign. I finished the game in about 6 hours and was left wanting for more. Unfortunately the length in the sequel won’t be too long as the developers have already confirmed that it won’t be lengthier than the first one.

Co-Op and Full Campaign Mode

One of the biggest issues which I found with the original was that it did not featured a Co-op mode online and neither a an online campaign mode. And again we all know that this will be the case with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as well. This is kind of disappointing since the game strength lies in the multiplayer component and Co-Op and Full Campaign Mode should have been included.

Gears of War Effect

We all know how Xbox owners loved the online multiplayer modes of Gears of War. The major reason was its simplicity. It easily became one of the most played games on Xbox LIVE. Now EPIC tried a lot of variations in Gears of War 2. As a result they made things complicated which ended up in a pretty complex and unpopular multiplayer component of the game. Will the same phenomenon affect Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? We have to wait and see.

Old Engine

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare looked amazing as a 2007 game. I believe no other game close to what the game offered visually than. Two years later we have games like Killzone 2 already setting a very high standards graphics wise. We all know the sequel will be using an updated engine of the original engine, so Killzone 2 quality type of graphics might not be achievable.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below. Also check back with us very soon for a full review of the game.

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  • Adam

    IW already said that the reason there will be no co-op is because they think it spoils the experience. I agree entirely. Playing those snow levels with Soap…well….I can’t wait put it that way. Being able to jump around with a friend blending dead enemies faces and messing around was something I disliked with 5, spec ops will suffice!

  • Farkus Man

    COD 4:MW 2 sucks. Please be fair with your reviews the game doesn’t even look and feel new. I finished the crap.

  • l;

    bbc2 ftw

  • N00Bs

    i love all the hate toward this game because of noobs that sucked at the first

  • Joe

    i agree with u on the gears of war effect gears of war 1 was my all time favorite game and gears of war 2 was the biggest disappointing game of the year for me i honestly think the same fate is going to happen to MW2

  • Me

    Gears of War affect? From the videos I have seen joining and playing online works the same way as COD4.

  • @N00Bs

    @N00Bs… Seriously? CoD4 was one of the easiest FPS games I have ever played, both online and offline.

    It was that easy. No skill required at all. BFBC2 ftw!

  • rail_city

    old engine?? that’s really scrapping the bottom of the barrel, COD 4 had graphics that were easily comparible to killzone 2. If developers had to make a new engine every 2 years, they’d never have time to make the actual games!! ex: how old is the unreal egine 3?

  • Everett

    @rail_city u are crazy i agree mw2 has better graphics than cod4 but its graphics just arent on the same level of KZ2 u have probly never evn played KZ2 and have only seen youtube vids KZ2 had some of the most realistic graphics i’ve ever seen in a game for example when u look at a light beam on KZ2 u can actualy see the dust particles floating through it , KZ2 still remains to me the best graphically enhanced game of this gen even better than Uncharted2 no disrespect to any other games i jus think KZ2 looks that good but yea MW2 is gonna rock

  • N00Bs

    yeah no skill, you must be awesome then, oh i forgot you cant wait to see another bad company that the first one sucked and was a sniper fest online, yeah your opinion matters.

  • ccleary

    I actually bought MW2 yesterday and so far my assessment is that I am not impressed. After 1 hour I took the disc out and put Gears 2 back in. I may come back and play it again and two weeks from now may love the game, but so far I feel like I wasted 60 bucks.

  • Robert

    This is one of the best games i have ever played, but i was hoping for more than that.

  • PC gamer is well and alive. It is Infinity Ward that has died.

    And to any console collaborators: you’ll cry when you have to pay more and more for DLC that should haven been in the game.

  • The Xbox is a lousey way to play COD if you are left-handed – almost impossible to run and jump if you are a leftie. The lefty control options just do not work and the last two CODs were very poor for left-handed people.

    Did I mention the dogs. If it has dogs in it I will not buy it

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  • boogey

    cant stand the lamers that use the term noob get a life

  • boogey

    and they use steam!!!!!!!! thats a tell all

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  • Pixolator

    The biggest issue they have was the online problems and just for short period they’ve been fixed but new and bigger problems always popped up, no need to mention how bad was the laggy online, even black ops having the same laggy connection issues, thanks to KZ3 and the dedicated servers.


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