Castlevania Lords of Shadow versus God of War 3: Screenshot Comparison

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Castlevania Lords of the Shadows is building up to be a highly anticipated game. With the talented MercurySteam and the genius of Kojima Productions behind the development of the game, its rest assured that game will be nothing less than spectucular. David Cox, the games producer has stated that the game’s visuals will be comparable to God of War 3. So we at GB decided to do a high definition screen shot comparison of both the games.

Note: Please click the image to see them in full screen.

The Heroes

Their Combat

Their Brutality

Their Platforming

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  • yazan

    please castlevania won’t be half the game god of war 3 is >.<

  • xino

    doing articles like this just makes your site less credible…Lords of Shadow is not even out yet, the game is not even near completion and you are comparing it to GOW 3 already.

  • Ian

    I wonder if Castlevania will be 8 hours long too? (Such a waste of $60)

  • shutup u two! it was a better comparison becuase some of us didnt even know that there is a game like god of war called Castlevania Lords of Shadow

  • and castlevania looks really cool and its still unfinished! wihch platforms does this game come to?

  • kobe8ph

    NOTHING…..i mean NOTHING can even touch GOD OF WAR 3. At first they call out UNCHARTED 2 for not redefining the genre and now this???? GOD OF WAR 3??? HELL NO!!!!

  • Actually, the trailers look really good for the system! Granted all the screen shots they are showing are most likely running on PlayStation 3’s hardware and not the Xbox 360’s. It has to be. This game has to be a port from the PlayStation 3 to the 360 because the 360 version is going to have two discs. Alright, playing around aside, no this game isn’t going to look as good as God of War. Its a publicity stunt. Something to charge the game to make it sound like its bigger and badder. It is definitely going to be an awesome game. I’m getting it, but this a multi-platform game. God of War was built entirely for the PlayStation 3 and its structure. When you build a game multi-platform, you loose the quality of the overall product because your efforts are focused in two area’s with significantly different well… structure. The 360 seems to have brighter colors at the end of the day, but the PlayStation 3 can produce a better lit and better textured image. Ninja Gaiden 2 is a perfect example of that. The RAM in both consoles are differently put together. The 360 may be able to run a more stable framerate, but remember, this is in development of the PS3 making the port much easier.

    In the end, you can see a difference in sharpness, lighting and texture detail. This game has some serious aliasing that God of War 3 didn’t. Though Castlevania looks good, its still very Xbox 360 or PCish if you want to call it that. The PlayStation 3 has a unique style, that’s only really achieved when all efforts and focus on put on the one console. But this game is very PlayStation 3-ish in terms of gameplay. It barrow’s from many of the strenghs of the PlayStation 3. The scale of God of War, the acrobatics of Uncharted, the combat system of God of War, the graphical texture and lighting style of Uncharted and God of War. Lets face it. Its an attempt to recreate the PlayStation 3, and try and sell it on the Xbox 360 at the end of the day, and because the gaming interest and crowd is already on the PlayStation 3 and the interest is there, they’ll give it to PS3 gamers. Surprisingly, other then graphics, there’s no Xbox 360 influence in this game. Not even Xbox LIVE! Halo shows no sign of influence, and neither does Gears of War. Xbox’s two biggest strengths. This is a clone of a PlayStation experience ported to Xbox hardware.


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