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Kingdom Come Deliverance Tech Interview: PS4/Xbox One Optimization, Gameworks And More

Jiří Rýdl from Warhorse Studios on developing Kingdom Come Deliverance for consoles and PC.

Elite Dangerous Review

Are you willing to go beyond to enjoy infinity?

3 Game Changing Technologies For Xbox One That Microsoft Can Showcase At Windows 10 Event

Can Microsoft bring out the big guns at the Windows 10 event?

Resident Evil HD Remaster Review

Enter the original survival horror...and decide if it's worth the trip.

Audiokinectic Interview: Providing Next-Gen Audio Solutions For PS4 And Xbox One

Mike Drummelsmith on how Audiokinectic has prepared itself for the new consoles.

Escape Dead Island Review

Promising. Disappointing.

Broforce Interview: Developing A Badass, Action Hero Style Video Game

Programmer Richard Pieterse and Creative Director Evan Greenwood on how the Bros got your back.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Visual Analysis: PS4 vs. Xbox One

Rockstar's open world opus is a brand new experience on current gen platforms.

Dokuro Review

Can charm and appealing visuals carry Dokuro or is this PC port lacking some meat on its bones?

Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC Guide: Cheats, Collectibles, Eagle of Suger & Outfits

A complete guide for Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC.

Steam Machines and The Future: Questioning Valve’s Living Room Foray

It's not about where Valve's been but where it could possibly be going with its living room PC approach.

The Order 1886: Hidden Graphical Details That You May Not Be Aware of

A look inside the several technology variables of The Order: 1886.

Dying Light Tech Interview: An Audience With Lead Game Designer Maciej Binkowski

Lead Game Designer Maciej Binkowski gives us the low down on the console versions of Dying Light.

Chasm Interview: ‘It Will Definitely Be A Difficult Game’

Co-founder of Discord Games, James Petruzzi on bringing back old school experience with Chasm.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Visual Analysis: PS4 Vs. Xbox One vs. PC, PS3 Vs. Xbox 360

Sledgehammer's take on the vaunted Call of Duty franchise goes under the microscope.

PlayStation Now All-Access: $20 Per Month Too Steep or A Matter of Perception?

Discussing value for money and its purpose.

Magicka 2 Interview: ‘Fans Will Feel Right At Home’

Peter Cornelius, Associate Producer at Paradox Interactive gives us the lowdown on Magicka 2.

How ROBLOX Is Revolutionizing User Generated Video Game Content

GamingBolt speaks with ROBLOX's CEO David Baszucki about their online physics based games building system.

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