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Batman Arkham Knight: The Effectiveness of Experimentation

Rocksteady's latest tries several new things, even if they don't make for the typical "Arkham" experience.

The Witcher 3: Looking Back 75 Hours Later

Spoiler alert: It's still amazing.

How Microsoft Can Bring Momentum Back to Xbox One at E3

Can Microsoft catch up to Sony's PS4 sales with a stellar E3 presentation?

State of Decay Gets Remastered: Does The Updated Version Breathe New Life Into The Game?

GamingBolt's Andy Brice on why State of Decay deserves a second look on the Xbox One.

Destiny House of Wolves: How Familiarity Breeds Replay Value

You don't need always need new content to have fun in your favourite game.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Care

Black Ops 3 looks sweet but can looks be deceiving?

Final Fantasy 15: Kingdom Hearts Advanced or Dark Souls Redux?

Analysing Final Fantasy 15's combat mechanics and their inherent difficulty compared to Kingdom Hearts.

Star Wars Battlefront: The Twin Evils of Content and Longevity

DICE has plenty of other problems outside in-game and in-engine visual differences.

Will Rainbow Six Siege Go The Way of Evolve and Titanfall?

Join us as we discuss the trials of novel multiplayer concepts and Rainbow Six: Siege.

Will Hideo Kojima’s Exit From Konami Jeopardize Silent Hills Development?

What will become of the survival horror thanks to Konami's restructuring?

The Witcher 3: When Visual Compromise is a Good Thing

Graphics aren't everything on current gen, even if the hype says otherwise.

The Great Halo Master Chief Collection Murder Mystery

How did Halo The Master Chief Collection die? And who's responsible?

Why Destiny Should Fear Bioware’s Next Mass Effect

Mass Effect 4 has an enormous opportunity to succeed where Destiny faltered.

Hitman 6: Reinventing Stealth or Delivering Great Gameplay?

IO Interactive has its task cut out for it but what can the next Hitman offer in either open world mechanics o...

Steam Machines and The Future: Questioning Valve’s Living Room Foray

It's not about where Valve's been but where it could possibly be going with its living room PC approach.

PlayStation Now All-Access: $20 Per Month Too Steep or A Matter of Perception?

Discussing value for money and its purpose.

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Who Won 2014?

With hardly any innovation in gameplay mechanics, 2014 is the year of stalemate between PS4 and Xbox One.

The Game Awards 2014: A Sincere, If Flawed, First Attempt

The Game Awards 2014 got a lot right, but they also got a whole lot wrong.

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