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3 Game Changing Technologies For Xbox One That Microsoft Can Showcase At Windows 10 Event

Can Microsoft bring out the big guns at the Windows 10 event?

The Most Unique Indie Games You Will Play In 2015

The best games to look forward to in 2015 from the indie development scene.

Most Crazy, Creative And Insane Piracy Punishments In Video Games

This is why you should always buy original games.

Top PC Exclusive Games of 2015

Yet another year is looking cracking for PC gamers.

Ridiculously Expensive Video Game DLCs of All Time

Too expensive for my taste.

Top Survival Horror Games of 2015

2015 is going to be a blast for horror fans.

Game of the Year 2014

Our pick for 2014's Game of the Year is...

Biggest News of 2014

2014 saw its fair share of headlines but which one created the most impact?

Best Co-Op And Competitive Multiplayer of 2014

Along with Best Sound of 2014.

Best And Worst Gameplay Mechanic of 2014

Along with the Best Developer of 2014.

Best Console, PC, Handheld And Indie Games of 2014

Along with the best expansion pack/DLC and multiplatform games of 2014.

Best Game of 2014 That No One Played

The best games that managed to fall under the radar.

Biggest Controversy of 2014

2014, like many years, was no stranger to controversies.

Most Disappointing Game of 2014

Which game did not delivered on the promise?

Best Remaster of 2014

2014 was the year of remaster but which game was worth replaying in upgraded visuals?

Most Underrated Game of 2014

Not every game gets the attention it deserves.

Top Overhyped Games of All Time

Disappointment after disappointment.

Best Video Game Graphics of 2014

One of the most controversial years in the games industry is now coming to an end, but which game had the best...

Worst Game of 2014

2014 saw some good games, but we still had to endure a few stinkers.

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