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Top Open World/Sandbox Video Games of 2015

All those who will wander these upcoming games may get lost...but it'll be a blast.

Top Video Games To Look Forward To In 2015

So many games, so little time.

2014’s Worst Bullshots Or How Developers Don’t Always Show You the Truth

2014: A year notorious for bullshots.

Does Sunset Overdrive Mark A New Dawn For Xbox One?

OD on adrenaline.

15 Action Adventure Games to Look Forward to in 2015

Hype be damned - here's what you should look out for in 2015.

Top Video Game Tattoos of All Time

Some of these players have bled for their games.

15 First Person Shooters to Look Forward To In 2015

So you like shooters? So does 2015.

PlayStation Experience: 5 Big Reveals That Could Happen At Sony’s Grand Event

With a week to ago, we speculate a list of possible announcements that could happen at the PlayStation Experie...

Rift: Nightmare Tide Impressions – Under The Sea and Into the Breach

The latest content pack isn't revolutionary but it packs a significantly large amount of gameplay.

41 Of The Coolest Destiny Secrets You Absolutely Need To Check Out

From secret rooms to references in Halo 3 ODST, think you know all about Destiny?

15 RPGs To Look Forward To In 2015

RPGs. RPGs are everywhere in 2015.

15 Exclusive Xbox One Games To Look Forward To In 2015

Microsoft has an intriguing line for 2015.

15 Exclusive PS4 Games To Look Forward To In 2015

PlayStation 4 owners are in for a treat in 2015.

Top Video Game Takedowns of All Time

impressive is the word.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Top 5 Reasons to Skip at Launch

This year's Call of Duty is the best yet but it's got some major problems.

GTA 5 PS4/Xbox One Versus Last Gen Graphics Comparison Show Massive Improvements

We compare six screenshots from the current and last gen versions.

The Best Co-op Games That You Can Play With Your Buddy

This is what friendship is all about between gamers

The Most Brutal Mortal Kombat Fatalities of All Time

Gruesome is not the word

15 PS4 Features The Last Guardian Should Take Advantage Of

A colossal entry treading a nascent path - here's what Sony needs to do with it.

15 Reasons Why Star Citizen Needs To Launch On PS4 And Xbox One

It could be the biggest game ever. Here's why it needs be on consoles.

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