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Top 8 Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Mods

Take a gander at some of the coolest (and funniest mods) for GTA 5 on PC.

Glitches That Surprisingly Made Video Games Better

Not all glitches are bad.

Kickstarter Retrospective: How Did the Major Projects Fare?

We take a look back at some of the major crowd-funded projects and where they're currently going.

Biggest Graphical Downgrades In Video Games From The Initial Reveal

Games that look mind blowing in their first trailer but ended up being downgraded in the end.

Top 5 Games in May 2015 That You Need To Play

What's worth looking forward to in May? Find out here.

Ten Reasons Online Gaming Will Continue to Suck

We love online gaming but we hate some of these issues with an equal passion.

Greatest Killstreaks In Call of Duty

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Graphical Effects That Make Games Look Worse Due To Poor Implementation

Fantastic effects being implemented in a dull and mundane manner.

5 Famous Movies Which Inspired the Video Game Industry

Some of the most well-known games and mechanics are rooted in cinema.

Awesome Video Game Remasters That You Need To Play

With the influx of remastered games, which ones should you play?

Xbox Classics That Need To Be Remastered For Xbox One: Gears of War, Mass Effect And More

We wouldn't mind playing these again on the Xbox One.

Top Video Game Novels Of All Time

Books go great with coffee.

5 More Heists We Want In Grand Theft Auto Online

Castle-storming, underwater ruins and aliens - we want it all.

Baker On Hayter/Kiefer Controversy: “It’s Going To Make Sense”, Does This Mean Solid Snake Is Back?

Two years and counting, David Hayter's controversial replacement is still in the news.

Top Gaming Icons Who Would Be Unbearable In Real Life

Don't let these characters stay overnight.

PlayStation 2 Classics That Needs To Be Remastered For PS4: Bully, GTA: San Andreas And More

Metal Gear Solid and Bully for the PS4? Count me in.

PS4 Firmware 2.50 Suspend/Resume Timings Tested, Inconsistent Performance Across Several Titles

We test the new feature across eight different games.

Most Difficult Xbox One Achievements That Are Not Worth It

A waste of time and effort.

Top 5 Settings to Explore After Batman Arkham Knight

Here are some ideas on where the Dark Knight should go after his next swan song.

Most Difficult PS4 Trophies That Are Not Worth It

You are probably better without these.

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