Crysis 2 Xbox 360 version looks mind blowing

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Crysis 2 is going to be a crowd puller when it releases this March on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Judging by the talent of Crytek it is no doubt they will be maxing out all systems. Today, we have some screens from the 360 build Check it out below:
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  • How is it maxing out the systems when it run in sub-HD? At least the PS3 version does and wasn’t Crytek saying that they where going to tap or max out the PS3 version? Sounds like they pulled a Haze to me.
    But then again the 360 is just like a PC and uses DirectX so it was probably easy for them to do, but the PS3 is a different beast altogether and they should of done their homework a bit more if they are going to make a claim like that.

    • So if Pixar released a game that looked like Toy Story 3 playing at 30fps, obviously impossible on anything, but they announced that is was 480p you’d claim they didn’t max it out…yeah…go home. Besides it’s not proven that it doesn’t run 1280×720 on PS3. Furthermore unless you’re playing on a screen larger than 47″ you can’t tell the difference between 1080p and 720p from 4 feet away. Anyone with a brain knows 720p with 4 AA looks better than 1080p 0 AA on a good size screen and it runs better

      PC IS FAR SUPERIOR TO BOTH XBOX AND PS3. You think crysis looks good on console !! pfft wata joke pc owns that shit

    • SB

      I agree 360 is very similar to developing for a computer which is probably why crytek took to the 360 first when developing for the consoles. This is another case of the PS3 getting shafted because lazy developers don’t take the time to learn the console they figure every console can be worked on the same way. Guerilla has said plenty of times that this is the case with all other game developers and thats why Killzone will remain the best looking and best moving FPS out there or for that matter best graphics period.

    • aquaman22

      @Balls, the PC is superior but I wouldn’t say FAR superior because look at titles like Uncharted 2; this is by far the best GRAPHICAL game out in ANY console until this day. Killzone 3 also looks incredible so you CAN’T tell me that PC is FAR superior, because it is, but developers for consoles are getting closer and closer every time, and just wait until uncharted 3 comes out. Again PC is SUPERIOR, but I just think is not FAR SUPERIOR. BTW KZ3 is an incredible game, campaign and everything!!! This game looks solid as well, and it will probably be just as good looking as killzone, but i doubt it’ll be BETTER looking. Oh and just before anyone looses their mind, the PC VERSION OF CRYSIS 2 will be better looking than any FPS shooter on the console, just wanted to go on record and say that. But i have my reservations as to how much BETTER it’ll look. Aqua Out!!!

  • FAIL. These are just screen-caps from the Crysis 2 “Road Rage” trailer.

    I commend you on your talent for pressing “Print Screen” 20+ times on your keyboard. Oh, and being able to paste in Paint.

  • Hahaha, you can even see the “Pause” symbol on the bottom left-hand corner of each screen. Did you play this video on your PS3?

  • This is bad. This isn’t even from the road rage trailer this is from the leaked pc beta build. look at the weapon switch it says ui_act@ and in the road rage trailer he doesn’t use a pistol. This is beyond fail

  • These shots are from the pc beta leaked build. How can you guys mislead people like this?

  • DaEmph – u can have a photo realistic graphics even in sub-hd (look movies 🙂 ) of course it is not possible now by a console or single pc.

  • Critical fail is I ever saw one.

  • Youve offended many a Ps3 whiners and some pc cronies still mad cause few games are made in DX11 due to being ports from consoles. I wonder if a ps3 whiner and pc qq’er started crying at the same time, who would be the loudest? Maybe this a question best left unanswered as the result could very well cause earthquakes etc.

  • Erm… first of all, it’s from the PC Beta, and second, those shots don’t do justice to it.

    I mean even Killzone 2 looks better than that. So next time, take some pictures that fit your title’s accuracy (or reduce accuracy of the title, maybe it’s simpler, even if less attractive), and do a better job in capturing.

    No offense… but… seriously?

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