Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City DLC Guide – Where To Find New Spells, Magic And Their Locations

Finding all the new spells in Dark Souls 3’s newest DLC.

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Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City introduces several new spells with it to the game- these spells can be lethal if used right. If not used right, well… you’re going to find that much like everything else in the world of Dark Souls, they can just as well harm you. Not to mention the fact that simply tracking down these spells can be a treacherous undertaking in and of itself.

If you need help tracking down all the spells in this DLC, we’re here to help. This guide lets you track down all spells- just bear in mind that due to its very nature, it may have spoilers. So try not to jump ahead, okay?

Great Soul Dreg

Lightning Arrow

Projected Heal

Fan Flame


There are two spells in the DLC that you only get after beating specific bosses- we’re putting these in their own section to, again, avoid the possibility of spoilers.

Seething Chaos

You get this spell once you defeat the Demon Prince. You can check out the video below for tips on this boss battle.

Old Moonlight

You get this spell once you defeat Darkeater Madir. You can check out the video below for tips on this boss battle.

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