Dark Souls vs Demon’s Souls: HD Screenshot Comparison

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Demon’s Souls is one of the finest role playing games of this generation, though it was not for everyone. I was one of the lucky few who finished the game and the sense of satisfaction that one gets after beating it is second to none.  It was insanely disturbing, frustrating and at the same time rewarding.

Now, From Software are back with the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls called Dark Souls.
Considering the two games are from the same developers, it would be interesting to see how the two games stack up with each other. We have taken some direct feed shots from Demon’s Soul and have patched them against recently released screenshots for Dark Souls. Check them out below.
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  • They may be HD resolution but the quality sucks. The Dark Souls images are not as clear. Dark Souls is likely going to be better looking. Demons Souls did not and was not meant to push the PS3 hardware. Dark Souls will look better because it has a higher budget and because the developer knows Demons Souls has a great fanbase and will likely support Dark Souls.

    • FrodoBlewSam

      2 years later, you’re borne out to be an idiot.

  • rhinu

    Demon’s Souls was one of my favorite new IPs of last year. From Software is a fantastically talented development studio and I can’t wait to see what they do with the experience they gained working on DS.

  • jbg0623

    I liked this game but it was so damn hard. I still haven’t beat it, it’s just sitting there…..mocking me

  • FrodoBlewSam

    Dark Souls took a graphical (and especially frame rate) hit because it was a different, more open- world style of game. It had some nice vistas, but many textures were late PsX / early Ps2 ugly (see: river from wooden footbridge after the Darkroot Basin Hydra fight as a glaring example).

    The thing that hurts Dark Souls, however, is its frame rate- dipping consistently for no apparent reason. The engine was simply showing its age. Still a fine action-RPG, though. Well worth playing.


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