Destiny The Taken King DLC: Bungie Teasing New Announcement For Veteran Players

The company will give details on July 7.

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Destiny The Taken king

Since Bungie first announced the Taken King DLC for Destiny, most of the Internet has been just one step short of enraged. The thing making people most angry is the pricing for this new content as well as the way the company claimed to be rewarding longtime players, that didn’t look like all that great of a reward. Now it appears the company has been working pretty hard to make its fans understand it really does appreciate them. In particular, Bungie community manager DeeJ announced on Twitter that there are other perks in the planning when it comes to longtime Destiny players.

DeeJ was asked whether or not people who had been Destiny players from day one will get “other stuff” if they buy the Taken King legendary edition DLC for Destiny. The community manager answered that “All Year One Guardians will be celebrated in The Taken King, regardless of version.”

The manager didn’t elaborate on just how this “celebrating” would be carried out. He did add that Bungie is getting ready to “talk more about this” on July 7. It seems likely that the company is planning a rather big announcement for Taken King fans on that day. This appears to be an all out press assault take tamp down some of the criticism that has come since the new content was officially announced at E3. Obviously, we won’t know whether or not the July 7 announcement is going to have the desired effect until it we know what it is. Keep your eyes peeled …

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  • charles jeffers

    Fix the guns already, haven’t they been weak for long already? I don’t know why any of the veteran Destiny players would want to buy another expansion , knowing how the guns are now , intentionally making the perks of every single weapon in the game work against each other, that’s not fun, until I’m sure that something has been done about the weapons, which I highly doubt it, I won’t be buying your game anymore, I’m sure bungie will lose a few day one players too, especially the ones that are tired of the weak weapons , like me. The main problem with Destiny is the PvP part of the game, competes with the PvE , everybody always complains while playing PvP about the already weak weapons, and bungie nerfs them all, then players that try to play the story mission with the same nerfed weapons , it’s ridiculous . Bungie doesn’t care about the weapon situation just by how long it has rocked on already, translating to me that they don’t care about their players , that have dedicated their time to play their game.

    • souks phommathep

      I agree the nerf is real. No one uses fusion rile or auto rifle in pvp or pve. It’s shotguns and hand cannons now.

  • Matthew Middleton

    this is old news. post something new, or at least something that hasn’t been posted, almost word for word, on dozens of other sites.

    • Shad3y

      Same could be said for your pointless comment really…

    • Matthew Middleton

      incorrect. at least say something meaningful if you must say anything at all. the point of the comment was to say that this is repeated news. if you’re of the lower intellectual capacity sort, then I understand why you missed the subject, aka the point. secondly, tlmy comment is rarely mentioned in any context when compared to the number of other comment subjects on this matter.

    • MindFever

      You don’t see it don’t you? *face palm*

    • Shad3y

      “lower intellectual capacity sort” … Judging intelligence on a comment board? Your insecurities are cute.

  • Mikado_Wu

    Who cares, House of Wolves was so bad, They lost me as a customer.

    • MindFever

      They lost me a day after TDB

    • Mikado_Wu

      Nice… I did not start playing till March. Was shocked how little a Story line there was and how much grinding. Chilling and waiting on Halo.

  • somewherebeyondtime

    Only buying Taken King, because it’s a birthday present. Otherwise I’m done, Bungie will have to really earn my money after this. Each expansion pack has negated the purchase of the previous as well as the work involved to level up.
    Bungie, you business plan sucks, you made money from us on Halo, which we still enjoy, and killed us with Destiny.

  • Raj Bhullar

    No matter what they do, as long as they are greedy they won’t be successful.

  • EricWright78

    Yeah, I hate how they are trying to make money withat expansions, and try to appease every Internet troll by balancing things, which as history shows always causes more whining. Imo they should just let us have God mode and give all content freely, or like make a barter system. I could make them a birdhouse and someone cold bring in cheese from Wisconsin for new content. I love cheese.


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