Destiny The Taken King DLC Launch Nerfs Gjallarhorn, Fans Less Than Pleased

Another day, another way Bungie has annoyed Destiny fans.

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Destiny The Taken king

Since The Taken King has been announced, it seems as if Bungie has done nothing but annoy the people it most needs. It’s possible quite a bit of the annoyances will go away when the rather pricey DLC finally launches, but for now the firm seems to be bringing different features that are only unwanted. Considering that the company has talked about the huge amount of changes coming. It seems likely at least some of those changes will actually be positive.

The latest announcement, in which the company is going to be nerfing some of the most popular weapons is certainly not being met with happiness and joy. Among those announcements is that the company will be downgrading one of the bigger weapons, known as the Gjallarhorn. On the company’s official website Bungie announced that it is changing the damage level of the Wolfpack rounds. The firm says it is doing this because some Destiny players were refusing to play alongside others who didn’t have this weapon.

The same is being done with other weapons, such as the Ice Breaker, which is having its recharge time increased in order to keep people from killing off as many enemies in as short a period of time as possible. Other weapons like the Black Hammer are getting this treatment as well. When it comes to the reaction of the fans, there isn’t much positivity coming. Some fans are even starting petitions in order to try and stop Bungie from messing with the weapons when Taken King launches.

We’ll just have to wait and see if those kinds of petitions actually work. Destiny: The Taken King is out on September 15th for Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • JD

    I have stopped playing destiny all together since the nerf and contiplating of canceling my taken king pre order. Bungie is basically telling us how to play and how to play there way not cool bungie not cool

    • Kyle Kenneth Storsin

      They’re not telling you how to play. If they were telling you how to play, they would force people to use the other lesser used subclasses that already exist, which conveniently are the ones shown in all the previews for the game, but no, they don’t force people to do that. If they were telling you how to play, they’d make you use The Land Before Time, which obviously they don’t.

    • JD

      The land before time lol enough said rite there apparently you have never really played destiny. And it’s called no land beyond

    • Kyle Kenneth Storsin

      It was a mockery name, the whole point is that the vast majority hate that gun. Yet, you’re not forced to use it.

  • Kevin Hyskell

    Some of the nerfs/buffs are reasonable (thorn DoT reduced bur stackable, 10% buff to auto rifles, 5% buff to scout rifles, for examples). But some are ridiculous. Ice breaker already takes 5 seconds per round and only starts with 7. In the heat of battle 5 seconds is forever. Now Bungie will make it 8 because they don’t like how we are using it? Ridiculous!

    But worse is the gjallarhorn nerf. They are nerfing it because they don’t like how people are behaving with respect to LFG sites. Requiring team members to have gjallarhorn in order to run with them. While I think people who refuse other players on this basis are out of line in terms of simple decency, it is not for Bungie to decide. Further, there will always be people ike that and this nerf nor any other will do anything to change it. Plus, the gjallarhorn is awesome, rare, and powerful. Everyone in the game lusts after it and if they are lucky enough for it to drop they are ecstatic. Now Bungie would rain on that parade. Though there are people out of line in the LFG’s there are MANY MANY more who are not and they will be screwed by this nerf.

    Ridiculous. ……

    • Ryan Mastrogiacomo

      I agree with everything you just stated.

    • Guest Uno

      Various sites have mentioned that gun nerfing doesn’t address the underlying problem: bullet-sponge bosses where you kill adds, damage boss, kill adds, damage boss, etc. for about 2+ hours without gjallarhorn. End game maybe needs some creative redesign to bring back the fun, rather than prolong the grind.

    • Ryan Murray

      Amen. Just posted a shorter version on a similar subject on xur not selling a weapon this week.. Ppl thought they should get it for free

    • Daniel Wambolt

      IMO this is their way of justifying Xur selling it. I am also guessing they will release a new weapon with TTK that will rival what the Gally is now. Could be wrong though.

    • Efrain Cruz

      I agree I hate that they are nerfing the gjallarhorn because I just got it and this should be up to the gamers to declide and they should let the gamers take a vote and I GUARANTEE This will be over 70% of no they should not nerf the guns

    • Kyle Kenneth Storsin

      Actually, if Destiny is going to run a game where some people may not get the Gjallarjorn, do to a RNG drop system, then they do need to look out for vulnerable players and look for ways to prevent situations like what have been going on in LFG sites for months now.

  • Chad Wilson

    Instead of nerfing gjallarhorn because of how people are behaving with respect to LFG sites; how about offering in game match making?

    • Guest Uno

      My guess is that the match-made team will drop if the other members don’t have the gjallarhorn. So problem not solved.

    • Ryan Murray

      Your stupid for giving douche bags the idea to drop matches….

    • Daniel Wambolt

      You can easily do Crota normal with one person who has gally, seeing people asking for 4 or 5 people to have gally is a joke and shows how terrible they are at the game. IMO people will drop because they have a group with no swordbearer. As for VoG you dont even need a gally to do normal or hard you need a decent sniper and since Xur has sold IB 3 or 4 times most should have one.

  • John Manly

    F bungie Everything good about the game they bteak

  • Daniel

    Not going to buy TTK if they nerf it. I’ll wait for the Division. I’ve lost one year of my life trying to obtain that weapon.

  • Tens Muri

    Bungie save yourself the headache and might as well make every weapon do the same damage. Nerfing the gjallarhorn is a joke. Even with this nerf this weapon will still do more damage than any other weapon in the game. Therefore, people will still be making Gjallarhorn only party.

  • Hector Torres

    Its not fair, I’ve been playing Destiny since November. I clocked in over hundreds of hours in destiny. I understand new players are complaining because they were at a disadvantage. Its not fair because they want to buff weapons “even” out the playing field for players I haven’t even clocked in over 50 hours or so give or take. Also I would like to see if destiny will somewhat compensate for the bus they are doing to the weapons. I paid for 2 expansion packs and they cannot just go back in and we modified the steps just because they want to. Since destiny is taking these extreme measures I have already purchased black ops 3 for the ps4. I will be playing black ops 3 once it becomes available. Sorry bungie but you really screwed up this time,.

  • Kyle Kenneth Storsin

    I have a better solution. Do away with random-number-generated drops. Make the probability of gun drops completely equal. The argument that it would break the game doesn’t work if you feel the game is already broken and are resorting to fixing it in the manner being done above. Let everyone get the guns that are rarer. Do away with Exotic Bounty exclusive PvP requirements – offer some different challenging PvE challenge for those that struggle in PvP. Stop catering to supposed “loyal” fans, most of whom aren’t truly loyal, they’re lucky, and then a large portion of said lucky players sit in PvP, and that’s all they primarily do, so then those that already struggle in PvP settings are put at an even bigger disadvantage.

    Guess what the vast majority of truly loyal players bought the games and expansions for, and will buy The Taken King expansion, we buy it for the whole package, the story, the weapons, the armor, the accessories, social interaction, and the ability to play with and against other people. We don’t just buy it for PvP, which is what nearly every critic of these games, when asked, do as the primary activity. Those kinds players should not be driving the discussion for a game that was designed for a broad swath of players.


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