Dev Explains Why SNOW Is A PS4 Console Exclusive And Why It’s Not Launching On Xbox One For Now

Poppermost Games reveals that they have a timed exclusivity deal with Sony.

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Poppermost’s SNOW is shaping up to be fantastic free ski video game if the recent open beta is anything to go by. The game is currently available to play in an Early Access format on Steam but other than that the developers are also working on a PlayStation 4 version. GamingBolt recently spoke to to Poppermost Games and asked them whether there are any plans to release an Xbox One version in the future or for that matter why isn’t an Xbox One version considered for now.

“We currently have an exclusivity deal with Sony and will investigate a potential release on X1 once this exclusive period is over,” an executive from  Poppermost Games said to GamingBolt. So it seems that the game may release on the Xbox One but as of right now there is nothing planned.

The developer also revealed that they don’t have the resources to work on an Xbox One version. “The reason why we haven’t looked into an X1 releasesis because of bandwidth reasons. We are only ten people working on SNOW and need to focus on fewer platforms as we still developing new features and adding content.”

SNOW is due sometime later this year for the PS4 and PC. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • wombat

    “Console exclusive”

    Not a term that means anything. A game is either exclusive or it’s not.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      The gaming media is all over the place after MS announced that once believed to be Xbox Exclusives would go to PC. Now, they are trying to fit their double starndard by coming up with new terms :).

      However, I agree with the term because console gamers only choice for this particular game will be ps4.

    • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

      Not true, we have agreed Xbox is a service, not just a console.
      There More xbox service users than Sony game station users

      +12 and we game on

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      I do not see the xbox as a service for two reasons: Its hardware created the huge profit Xbox Live brings to MS, when MS tried it on PC players it failed misserably since they prefer free stuff and resort to hacking and all kinf of funny stuff. The witcher 3 developers acknowledge that projected profit from consoles allowed them to create such a huge world. That leads me to my second point of sales, and while a few titles have enjoyed success on PC, the studios focus more on the consoles since their games tend to sell better there and less piracy takes place.

      But to the point of my original comment…

      If you read previous articles SF5 seemed to be a ps4 exclusive even when the game was on PC. The xbox one AAAs like QB, Scalebound, ForzaHorizon3, Gears 4, etc they where an overwhelming number for the Xbox One over what the PS4 had in Uncharted 4 and SF5.

      Since MS annouced that xbox one exclusives would not be so exclusive and would head to PC available only on the windows store, the media ran happily with the news and pretty much made it look like the xbox console was unnecessary 🙂

      Now, they are trying hard to promote the few titles for the ps4 that will also be available for PC by rebranding them as Console Exclusives. However, I actually agree witht the term since it will give the xbox its exclusives back….hehe

  • Robert

    “We have a exclusive Deal with Sony”?
    Sony loves throwing money at developers, that’s why they hardly have any good first party exclusives lol

    • Sarajwallace1

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    • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

      They aren’t answering the emails after we made payments to get the email instructions.

    • They help smaller studios get bigger. So that in the future they grow into making better games. People neglect to see this. They are betting on the underdogs, rather than going straight to the big companies. They want more innovating gameplay, rather than just the expected. I think it’s a good move to push the industry in the right direction and away from the F2P model which has come from the tablet and phone market. Playstation is still the current gaming platform of choice, and with good reason.

    • Cypher-Unknown

      Oh dear.

    • firesonicz

      Kind of reminds you of another major gaming company doesn’t it?

    • 0ldboy26

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Go home kid, let the adults talk.

    • justerthought

      Why do you assume a Sony exclusivity deal involves a corrupt bribe like we get from MS with the Tomb Raider scandal.

      Sony probably agreed to market the game for them and distribute it free via PSN store, or given them technical programming help to get the thing up and running on PS4 where the potential customers are.

      Sony do not pay to deny content. Sony pay to create content.

    • William Orlando Figueroa

      Rise of the Tomb Raider, by the way.

  • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

    We don’t want the game anyway and have never asked for it.
    Show us a link we have been.
    Sony need recovery sales and we support and would like it exclusive only to PS4 to help them.

    +12, lets stand together so we can keep Apple out of our Console market.
    We have agreed now to Give Sony the win this gen to keep them strong.

    • Cypher-Unknown


  • One With Shadows

    Plus…they need the extra time to get the snow from 720p to 982p on the x1. Lol

  • crizz1066

    Sony help and support small developers, which is why so many thrive with Sony. M$ has been the nasty bulling in the play ground for too long, now everyone’s showing exactly what they think of them. X1 stick to TV n movies. We’ll play games on PC and PS4


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