First Risen 2: Dark Waters details emerge

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Risen 2: Dark Waters is in development and the first bits of info involving the game has emerged thanks to a user who has a copy of PCGames magazine being kind enough to share it.

Here’s the whole thing, courtesy of GAF:


  • You are again the same nameless heroes of Risen
  • He is now living in a small harbour village called “Caldera”
  • You are now wearing the Ocular of the inquisitor (story relation not known yet)
  • The game is now spread about multiple islands
  • There is still the inquisition located on one of the islands
  • The story is more complex and will have different consequences depending on your choices
  • You will meet familiar faces like Carlos, Gregorius Steelbeard


  • Pirate setting
  • It’s no longer on Faranga from Risen
  • You can travel to different islands by ship (if you can have an own ship is not known yet)
  • In the sea lives different sea monsters who attack ships
  • It will also have an fast travel system on the islands
  • The islands will have different climate zones with different settings and monsters
  • Guns,canons and othe fire weapons in the game
  • There is still magic
  • Skill system same as Risen
  • Should feel more realistic than Risen (for example chests who are empty or have rubble in it, but to every chest is a story)
  • The world is bigger as in Risen
  • Side quests should be more complex than in Risen

Graphic / Technic

  • Animation is now motion captured
  • NPCs and monsters more detailed
  • Bump mapping, realisitc relatime clouds instead of a skybox
  • More realisitc faces
  • No loading times on the islands and invisible walls only short loading by changing the island
  • NPCs talking with each other (for example you can hear a conversation between too NPCs when the treasurer leave his treasure)
  • Every NPC has a daily routine like in Risen
  • In the night different monsters than on the day like in Risen


  • There will be Gnomes again
  • Minecrawler
  • Some familiar and some completly new monsters
  • Also normal animals like apes,boars,… depending on the climate zone

Risen 2 is far into development and is around 80% complete. Piranha are doing voice recording for the game right now.

You can check out the first screenshots from the game over here.

Risen 2 is in development for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • aquaman22

    You had me at multiple islands, sea monsters, and motion capture animation which of course is the future of gaming. I’ve never heard of this game to be quite honest, never seen the first one, but this screen shot looks pretty sick. There’s something about island settings, that i just happen to love. I love the blue water, and but more so i love the vegetation the greenery. so when i saw this screen shot, i immediately thought of Uncharted! Now i know this game probably won’t be any where near what uncharted is but here’s to hoping that it gets close at least!!! Aqua Out!!!

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