For Honor’s Microtransactions Are Ridiculous- You Either Need To Pay Over $700, or Play 2.5 Years To Unlock Everything

That’s excessive.

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Look, I liked Ubisoft’s For Honor. It was mechanically deep and nuanced, and I think as a multiplayer game, it’s new and fresh. Players loved it too, and it appears to be doing well. However, as with all Ubisoft games, there are certain policy decisions that mar the experience of playing the game somewhat.

Take the game’s microtransactions- Reddit user bystander007 posted an interesting observation on how much it would take to unlock everything that’s in For Honor, including Emotes, Executions, Effects, Outfits, and Ornaments. The number comes to a staggering $738 of real world money- you could get a new PS4 and a Switch, and a game for each, for that kind of money.

But of course, microtransactions aren’t mandatory in the game- you can just play the game to grind the in game currency needed to unlock these things, right? Well, as it turns out, you can, but to unlock everything, you’d need 2.5 years of play time. That’s ridiculous.

Of course, in general, most players won’t want everything in the game- but this shows, once again, how overbearing microtransactions can become. Hopefully this is something Ubisoft looks into.

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  • Kent Reed

    One of my many reasons for boycotting Ubisoft. Plenty of other developers who actually care about people having fun in the game without breaking their wallets. Like the people who made borderlands. I bought that game once and had hours of fun without spending extra cash.

    • Holeybartender

      It’s why I love Techland’s Dying Light,so much free-love gaming content in that game. They remind me of a time when game developers weren’t all money grabbing douchebags and actually wanted to bring as much content to it’s fanbase as possible.Now they are just holding content ransom by giving you half a game under the guise of “episodic” games and such.

    • Kent Reed

      I agree with you there. Destiny is a good example of this. They put out 5 dlc’s with each dlc bringing barely anything new to the game. I did enjoy the game but hated buying dlc just so I can play multiplayer with my friends

    • lena.kendrick

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