Future Ubisoft Games To Require Constant Internet Access

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With the ongoing phenomenon of digitally distributing games, Ubisoft with its new On-line Services Platform has announced a few interesting tid bits which might actually please gamers or it may fire back. The new system will require constant internet access in order to play installed games, will also require games to be saved remotely on some on-line server. The issues that I see with such a system is that the server might disconnect, latency issues, slowdowns and a number of bugs that plague so many on-line games these days. Gamers, what are you takes on this?

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  • noteveryonehashighspeed

    Not everyone lives in a big city with reliable fast internet services. The people that live in rural area’s don’t get nifty cable or dsl or even fiber obtics. Most are stuck using dialup, satellite, or 3G wifi services which all have extreme limitations. All 3G providers for example have a chokingly low 5gb/month usage cap (up and down count toward 5gb). Satellite is nearly the same thing with a bigger cap at around 15gb/month. Both of these services have highly erratic latencies and speeds. Sure they can surf the web and download files, but at a fraction of what the city folk can. Having limited connectivity and bandwidth from a good portion of gamers will be segregating them. A lot of stuff is trying to go online and just not everyone can use it. This is a national broadband access problem really but they always forget that not everyone has cable or dsl and that some people are in fact still using dial up or low speed broadband connections capable of only a tiny 1-2mb speed.

  • Musser64

    This is ridiculous!


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