Gamestop ditches GT 5 midnight launch, thinks game’s not big on hype

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Several sources have confirmed that Gamestop outlets in their cities won’t be holding any Gran Turismo 5 midnight launches.

This comes as a real shocker as this is supposed to be Sony’s biggest release for the year.

One reader told us that when he asked a Gamestop employee, he replied that they were not holding a midnight launch since they thought that the game is not big on hype and there’s not enough to demand to merit a midnight launch.

Other retailers, such as Gamestation and Game think otherwise thankfully and are going forward with midnight launches for the game.

Let us know if the Gamestop outlets in your city have ditched midnight launch for GT 5 aswell. Suprising news this.

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  • me

    will, in my town theres one in gamestop.. i work there 😉

  • Even if this game didn’t suck Sony’s marketing has been non-existent as usual so it wouldn’t even matter.

    FFS they announced the release date 2 weeks before…

  • Yup, Miami is not hosting a midnight launch, although they do say they will have the game when the store opens in the morning !

  • just confirmed that my gamestop in Atlanta is not releasing at midnight either. Total disappointment! Got my Play seat with Fanatec GT3 RS wheel ready to go!

  • Our GameStop isn’t having a midnight launch because of Hours and the fact that its so close to thanksgiving.

  • I live in san antonio. i was surprised as well that they arent going to have a midnight release. i called them and they said th ey havent heard anything about doing one. kinda sucks… i do think its dumb not to have a midnight release.

  • I know the gamestops in California aren’t having midnight launches because there is not enough demand for it. It’s not worth paying the employees and keeping the store open so that 10 people can come pick up their game.

  • Just another nail in Gamestop’s coffin for me. I’ll buy Gran Turismo 5 at the Walmart next door to Gamestop. It’s just too bad that other dumb sheep… er I mean gamers can’t see what Gamestop really is and will continue to shop there. Well, I guess they get what they deserve.

  • Yup……here in Rhode Island all the gamestops cancelled the midnight launch. The company is complete scum when it comes to supporting PlayStation gamers. I called the GS I have GT5 pre-ordered at yesterday to ask if they were having a midnight launch and the girl says “GT5 isn’t coming out until January 1st”, I asked to speak to a manager who knows what they’re talking about and she says she IS a manager. LOL…..idiots. Not a single informed gamer works at any gamestop in Rhode Island.

    I called agaim tonight to see if I can pick up the game 1st thing in the morning, and another girls asks me “What system are you getting Gran Turismo 5 for”…… gotta be kidding me.

    I almost completely stopped shopping at gamestop at the beginning of this hardware generation for how they treated me as a PS3 gamer, only buying brand new game there and only if they had a pre-order bonus I wanted. But after all the BS they’ve been pulling with GT5 (there’s alot more than the 2 examples above), I’m never buying anything there again, regardless of pre-order bonuses.

    • I had that exact kind of situation from GS from Colorado to California. Game Stop should just stop selling Sony products all together if they are going to be that ignorant to life. I can understand if they knew something about anything game related, but there was only 1 person at a GameStop that I been to that was actually educated, and had a since of gaming knowledge. But that only comes once in a blue moon. That’s why I only go to amazon.

  • k W

    haha, similar experience…”hi, excuse me, do you have gran turismo 5 prologue?” “ummmm, let me check in back…couple minutes later…you said Grand Turasmo?” I laughed and went to BestBuy.

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  • Same story here in maryland i called all 20 of the gamestop locations listed for my area and not one of them said they were doing a midnight launch most of them said it was because not enough pre orders the others didnt even know it was coming out the 24th. They said it still wasnt coming out till january but on the other hand i did get lucky one of the gamestops said i could pick up the game today the 23rd if i had it pre ordered so i went right then to pre order and got the game at 10 am this morning a day early which made it so much better then a midnight release. and thats the only reason i went to gamestop because im a huge nascar fan and i wanted the joey lagano car along with the mcclaren. but the code is not valid untill tomorrow. but as soon as i bought it they called my houser and left a message saying they shouldnt of sold it but i already had it but to not go online with the game because sony could ban my account. for them selling me a game early apparently

  • No midnight release here in Tacoma, wa. Despite the fact that the manager is a huge GT fan… I’m sure he’ll be home early playing HIS. Luckily, the local store employs only knowledgeable, true gamers. Never had strange looks, or stumped sale associates here.

  • In nordic Europe, Gamestop ditched also the midnight selling, and actually started selling GT5 _a_day_before_ the launch day.

    I think Sony will somehow notify them.

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