Gran Turismo 5 has no rewind feature and more

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A GT Planet member who has a real copy of the game (Amar) has posted some pretty interesting new bits of information related to Gran Turismo 5 and we have them covered for you over here.

He confirmed that the game won’t have any rewind feature and you’re on your own once you start the race.

He confirmed the already known fact that standard cars won’t allow you to change your rims but at the same time pointed out another interesting fact that they will lack any kind of interiors aswell.

And no, really no, Standards do not have interiors too.

He also bought to the fore, another interesting point about Gran Turismo 5’s save files, those are copy protected and you can’t copy-paste them into your memory stick.

save files are really copy-protected, period. You can’t copy them to memory stick and that is it.

We will keep you updated as more new info is revealed

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  • So .. Is this a trial to screw the game’s reputation ???
    You’re failing hard at that. Why don’t you describe the qualities Amar posted about the game, instead of constantly bitch about it ???

  • HAAA HAAA HAAA ROTF LMAOOO !!!! So these facts that have already been known for years is suddenly news??? 200 cars have interiors thats more than enough, over a thousand interiors in one disk is insane! Rewind feature? why would a game have a rewind feature in a driving sim??? this is a serious game not a noob fest! oh is googled that fortxa has rewind maby you should go play fortza !

    • You’re damn right dude. I don’t know how gaming sites allow those articles to go online. It’s a shame to their names.

    • Well seeing as Forza 3 has 500 cars with interior……..

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  • Well it just sucks that the game has been in development for 6 years and only have 200 premium cars and only 11 tracks have weather and even less have the day/night cycle.

    Color me unimpressed but I’m still buying it and I think it will still be a great game.

  • While I don’t mind no interiors for the Standard cars, I simply hate that I can’t customise my standard car’s tyres. Why won’t they allow me to switch between racing tyres and sports tyres, not to mention super soft tyres etc. They allowed this form of customisation in all the previous games…why remove it?

  • Oh come on, what a silly article. This is the first and last time I am viewing any article made by Debabrata Nath. Guess I should have known this will be a silly article by seeing what your parents named you.

  • This just in, Nintendo Revolution will be named “Wii”

  • I am playing this game now and reached level 13. Graphics are great and the best part I liked are the sound engine effects. Don’t expect any better graphics than what you saw in Gran Turismo 4, except perhaps more textures and polish. Overall, like the game thus far except for the fact I can’t save in between Championship races. I must complete in one sitting or lose the series.

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