GTA 5 PS4/Xbox One Versus Last Gen Graphics Comparison Show Massive Improvements

We compare six screenshots from the current and last gen versions.

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gta 6 cover

There is a feeling among players who already own Grand Theft Auto 5 on last gen consoles that it will be a waste of money (and possibly time) to play it all over again on the new consoles. However as previously proven, Rockstar’s current gen version of GTA 5 is not merely a port. They have went out of their way and added several extra features such as first person mode, graphical and animations update, and new missions.

Rockstar recently released a ton of new screenshots from the remastered version of GTA 5. We have taken some of those screenshots and stacked them against the last gen version. The difference is expected but as this is no ordinary port, there are a few interesting additions to the visuals that the developers have implemented.

Some comparisons have been taken from GTAForums.

Please click the next slide button below the images to scroll through the gallery. The image above is from last gen and the one below is from current gen version.

gta 5 ps3 6

gta 5 ps4 6

Galileo observatory is a perfect example to showcase what has been improved in the game. The walls have accurate shadow maps, better reflection of light sources along with improved foliage and draw distance.

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  • Guest

    I’m still not buying the same game twice. It can’t even run at 60fps on the PS4, which is POOR! I’ll wait for a Steam sale next year at 75% off. That way, I’ll run it at 60+fps and higher resolutions.

  • dapaintrain

    I’m rebuying it on ps4 cant wait

  • Logical Reason

    I’m starting to think that GTA 5 for PS4/X1/PC isn’t a re-master but more the original version.

    Look here:

    Like, to me, the next-gen version LOOKS like it’s more original (e.g. how the game was originally made and designed) and the last-gen version looks like it’s a dumbed-down version with mass things cut back so it could run properly.

    I don’t know…I just think that this probably isn’t so much a re-master as it is “GTA 5 was made for next-gen but to make mad money Rockstar dumbed it down hardcore so it would run on 360/PS3 so they could cash in on those releases since next-gen sales wouldn’t make them as much money”.

    I mean, does anyone else think that it’s odd that Rockstar would put in this much time, money, and effort into a “re-master” that isn’t even guaranteed to sell that super well? Something tells me that they already had a lot of this done from the get-go.

    • Semyon

      I think they were thinking about both versions developing engine and scale of the game. Ps4 and xOne (durango…etc) code has been found during the first week after release. But no way they were thinking the last gen version as compromised one. They’ve always told that they are not interested in developing for the new systems. Only in working with big install base curent gen. But the next gen version was absolutely expectable sooner or later. So that it is. Thanks to the great figures of next gen sales and to the potential of the game. I think we will also see some story DLCs soon 🙂

  • Mark

    A remake well done. For me, actually ADDING EXTRA DETAILS AND OBJECTS should be the goal of any remake. The game shouldn’t just use a bit extra detail here n some slightly better shadows there…….the game should have MORE OBJECTS AND DETAIL for the eye to pick up imo. This is apparent in GTA V remake. Good stuff.

  • Ali Nasir Wayne

    there is no point in buying a game twice just for little peaked up graphics.gta v looks fine on ps3 especially the three characters, cars and the whole city… buying another game would be better..

    • SuicideSilence621

      That’s what I thought until I played it again on PS4, and in no way did they just ‘peak’ the graphics. Basically, every plant, tree, and piece of foliage has been completely redrawn. Cacti now have the most miniscule of needles, palm trees now jut out like the do in real life, pine trees have individual pine needles and all of the grass along curbs are individual orbs. Same for the bushes, if you stand up next to them they actually pop out a good two inches or so. Mountains are no longer bare, with extremely dense high grass, and the forests now have a ton of added ferns and other plant life. When in first-person mode, all you can see is a sea of green. Even the road texture has been thrown away in favor of a much more detailed roadway. A new feature is parallax occlusion mapping, which gives textures depth.

      A few extra animals like rabbits and wild hogs have been added, but the most noticeable difference is when you take to the ocean. Not only do you see the dolphins, killer whales, and whale sharks but the sound of their cries makes it feel much more alive. Not sure about you, but GTA 5 on 360/PS3 ran terrible to the point of headache inducing. All you had to do was start moving your character and the game would start having aliasing issues all over the place, far from smooth.

      I still go back to the 360 version for comparisons sake, and the difference is almost laughable. It’s a totally different world, where everything is stripped down. The 2D ground art was also a huge mess, looking more like pixelated N64 graphics. That has been completely reworked and most of the ground is made up of individual lines of grass or better yet individual leaves. You can still find a few lower res textures if you really look but even those are way better than anything on the 360/PS3. Also worth noting, is the new lighting system. Previously, lights were “baked” in or artificially created, now they are fully dynamic and light up the entire city. If you are driving into the city from the country, the city has a glow to it and lens flares kill the look too, going all the way across the screen. Looks crazy. I used to look at things in the last-gen versions and go’ damn, this looks nice”, but the PS4 is total shock and awe. I find myself taking more screenshots than any other game on PS4 because it is that damn beautiful.

    • Ali Nasir Wayne

      well everyone have their own opinions………… 🙂

    • SuicideSilence621

      Right, I get and respect that. But how long until developers force you to move on to PS4. Most are already doing it by only releasing their games exclusively for PS4/XOne. I just see GTA 5 as that all in one game where you have racing, boating, flying, now it’s even a first person shooter as well. It does everything and does them well. Can’t wait to see it on PC.

    • Ali Nasir Wayne

      i am not from a western community…u have no idea how inequal the distribution of money is in here…

    • SuicideSilence621

      Well, you could have said that. In which case, why are you looking at the PS3 to PS4 difference if you know you won’t be playing on PS4. I’m not from a wealthy family either, far from it. I work at a crappy pizza restaurant and have a hard time making ends meet. like alot of people in the US. All of my friends work dead end jobs too. It’s only the rich entitled people that get ahead in life. I pick up a few menial jobs in the summer which is how I bought the PS4.


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