Hayter Hoping That Konami Will Bring Him Back As Snake Now That Kojima Is Gone

Also “jokingly” states that Kojima can go f***k himself.

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David Hayter

I have covered Metal Gear Solid 5 quite heavily here on GamingBolt and among the several articles I have commissioned and written on the upcoming game, the exclusion of David Hayter as the voice of Snake is something that I have written about quite extensively in the past.

However in the recent interview with FraggedNation, Hayter more or less cements the fact that he is not involved in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain in any shape or form. He even clarified that the sound files found in Ground Zeroes, that sound awfully similar to him, are not his.

“It’s not true (laughs). Sometimes I tweet about it and people are asking me hundreds of times a day on Twitter about what is going on with it. Let me just clarify the sound files they found of my voice on it, that is not my voice. I don’t know whose voice is that, one of them sort of sounded like me but I never said those words. That was not me in any shape or form. I had no part in the game and if there is a big surprise I would be surprised as anyone because I have not been hired, haven’t spoken anything about contracts. I am sorry, I would have loved to do it. I have nothing to do with the next Metal Gear.”

He then states that he does not mind when fans believe that he is trolling whenever he tweets anything about Metal Gear Solid.

“The more they talk about you the better. It’s all good. They are still talking about me doing Metal Gear years after I did the last one so that’s very flattering and now that Kojima’s gone…[voice breaks]…but I know nothing about it. There is no agenda and there is no trolling.”

When Quinton Flynn, the voice of Raiden, asked him about what exactly he said when the voice broke, Hayter jokingly stated that “He can go f**k himself.” On a more serious note, he stated that, “I was saying now that Kojima is gone, may be Konami will make a different decision and bring me back.”

“If I would have been in the game, I would have said that I just can’t talk about it.”

Make that of what you will but his statements seems genuine and I don’t think he is coming back as Solid Snake, something that I have been hoping since the news broke about the recasting.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain launches on September 1st on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS3. PC players will be able to play it on Steam on September 15th.

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  • Admirateur

    Didn’t get the joke, it just sounded like a petty insult.

  • Jack Mehoff

    only asshats and nerds were praying to their nerd god that it was an April Fools joke. Once they announced Keifer I knew it was a done deal. Why would they hire him too? He voiced Snake and someone else has to voice Bigg Boss. How stupid would it be to make Big Boss sound like snake. Liquid came from the same embryo and sounds nothing like Big Boss so why would Solid sound like him? His last name suits him well. He’s definitely a HATER! Get over it cry baby and find more work elsewhere

    • Brian

      “How stupid would it be to make Big Boss sound like snake”
      So, you skipped MGS3 then…?

    • Daredevil

      So what you’re saying is that you’re pretty much an idiot?

  • d0x360

    Wow at first it was understandable he wanted the job but 2+ years of whining about it has just gotten sad. Move on man jesus

    • Brian

      Move on? Everyone else is pestering him about it. If people keep asking, and he keeps answering how is that HIM needing to move on…?

    • d0x360

      He constantly brings it up without being asked, he tweets, he makes posts…. Move on

    • Brian

      He did this character for over a decade, and then one day just got a lame, nonsensical excuse for not being asked back. This is the series that got him known. He does other stuff sure, but how can you not feel personally slighted when people you worked with for 10+ years just suddenly say “Hey you’ve become the iconic voice, but we’re done with you”.

    • d0x360

      I feel bad for that I do but at some point you gotta pick yourself up say **** it and move on.

  • endgame81

    i wasnt that bothered when they decided to give big boss his own VA tbh, sure solid snake is a clone of big boss (or whatever) but whenever i hear that voice i think solid snake, not big boss.


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