Hideo Kojima: The One Big Misconception About Myself Is That I Don’t Stick To Deadlines

‘If you can’t do that, you can’t be a creator.’

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Hideo Kojima is one of the best, most talented game developers of all time- which is why he can generally get away with a lot of things that other developers would not be able to get away with. One of those things, it is believed, are the delays that are an almost expected part of a Kojima game’s development cycle. It is believed that Kojima routinely misses milestones and deadlines, with his games getting delayed repeatedly and production budgets spiralling out of control.

The end result is almost always a masterpiece, and massively successful, which is why he can get away with it repeatedly- but at this point, for example, no one takes an announced release date for a Kojima game seriously.

However, Kojima himself does not agree with his assessment regarding his inability to meet deadlines. “The one big misconception about myself is that I don’t stick to deadlines, I don’t keep to my schedule. Like I’ve said before, if you can’t do that, you can’t be a creator. This is something that I’m very serious about doing, this is a very big misconception about myself,” he said frankly in an interview with Greg Miller at RTX Sydney.

can believe that he has a lot of discipline, and that he sticks to his own schedule- however, the fact that his games take far too long to make is undeniable. I can only attribute it to Kojima’s own timetable, which he does stick to, often not coinciding with timetables that his fans or publishers may have.

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  • Dougdec92

    Why should he be attacked so?, it isn’t like Bethesda do so well with Elder Scrolls releases.

  • Brandon Smith

    Kojima is BY FAR the most over-rated man in Video Games. His portfolio is riddled with stolen ideas, scenes, art and likenesses of other media. Mostly whatever movie was popular whenever he was making his current game. People love to pity him for having to work with Konami, but nobody ever talks about his being over-budget and late with his games. Nobody ever talks about him firing David Hayter for no good reason from the voice of Snake just so he could write Kiefer Sutherland’s name on his box.

    His “genius” usually revolves around him making some silly, absurd gameplay element that is basically a trolling joke to the player. It’s only unique because most developers would DO something like that out of pure taste. He’s like the Johnny Knoxville of game development. I guess it has merit, but it’s just because nobody else would DO it.

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