How To Make a Gaming PC That Can Compete Against The PS4 and Xbox One For $399

A cheap respite.

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With the launch of the 8th generation of consoles, a new rage storm was kicked up to name the better fighter from the lot of platforms that run the multitude of data commands in 0s and 1s which we call games. Even though nothing had heralded the rise of a new victor to claim the title of a sole, most wanted platform of the generation, there seemed to be no harm in forwarding the supremacy of one over the other.

Now the consoles stand in the static glory of their supreme hardware while the elitist PC users look down on them with a sneer. But in this belligerent picture, those PC users oft stand forgotten who just wish to be a part of this new generation without fuss and much ado. So here we are to help such PC users out a bit, to help them gain an equal advantage in this dynamic play field to hold their heads up with more dignity in this miasma ridden war of platforms; a little more dignity but a lot more satisfaction of basking in the bounties of games. So what does it take to build a $399 PC that can let you hold off a decent bit against the well equipped consoles of this generation? It takes quite a lot.

Note: The following build is meant to provide a basic setup to the user, just as a console would, hence the exclusion of a monitor. Also, the said PC build is to be seen only in the light of its capacity to run games and not the variety of other uses PCs tend to provide.

Disclaimer: This is a hardware specific feature and we are not including costs for software like Operating System and Anti-Virus etc.


  • AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard and Wired Mouse Bundle Pack
  • MSI AMD Radeon HD 7770
  • Logisys Corp CS369BK USB 3.0 Gaming Case with 480W Dual Fan Power Supply Black) / Ark Technology PA-08 Black ATX Mid Tower / Computer Case with 500W Power Supply
  • Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) CL9 @1.5V UDIMM 240-Pin Memory BLS2CP4G3D1609DS1S00
  • Seagate Barracuda ES ST3500630NS – Hard drive – 500 GB – internal – 3.5″ – SATA-300 – 7200 rpm – buffer: 16MB
  • Gigabyte GA-F2A55M-S1 FM2+/FM2 AMD A55 USB2.0 mATX DDR3 2133 Motherboard
  • AMD Athlon X4 AD750KWOHJBOX 100W 3.4Ghz Processor


Logisys Corp CS369BK

The first step towards building a PC is to select an apt case to put all those silicon board chips in. We’re aiming for a budget constrained micro-ATX system but the cabinet choices can vary. A good cheap option for this would be Logisys Corp CS369BK Case that comes with a 480W power supply. It can be snatched up for around $40 which is a very decent price for a cabinet that gives numerous expansion bays in addition to a power supply and fans.

The power supply of this one is a bit noisy though, so you may go in for a Ark Technology PA-08 Black ATX Mid Tower cabinet which has a 500W top munted power supply and although the airflow seems to be an issue in this one, it doesn’t cause any problems that would lead to performance hits with the equipment that it is meant to hold. The Ark Technology cabinet can be bought for about $32 which is a steal.

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  • Иван Мордор

    and where is the tests?

  • Kamille

    if I were to make a PC I wouldn’t waste money on a crappy build like that that will be incredibly outdated by the end of this year at the same time I would miss out on many console exclusives and not even be able to play multiplats at high settings. This is a pointless waste of time.

    • killerviel

      It’s incredibly ironic on what you’re stating in your comment. The PS4 and XB1 are already incredibly outdated, depending on what you find outdated (technology that has already been improved on is the meaning for me). I can play practicly every game there is, except the new console exclusives (XB (classic, 360, One), PS3/4, WiiU exclusives). I have a huge back catalog, I don’t have to start from zero when buying/building a new pc. But yeah, some people don’t like ”complexity”’, it’s just that you get so much more benefits out of complexity.

    • Jecht_Sin

      “Outdated” as in “it soon may not run the incoming PC games” while the consoles, especially the PS4, will go on for years.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah but you get a significantly downgraded version. for example theyll turn off gpu intensive stuff like tesselation where in PC you cant turn that individual detail off. sure itll keep going for years but the game wont look anywhere near as good. when really intensive games like witcher 3 come out itll be quite downgraded compared to high end PC version.

    • Kumomeme

      right…with that budget people actually could get better build than than

    • BarleyD

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  • Axe99

    One of the big mistakes people make with these builds is to compare console and PC hardware at like for like. To quote Oles Shishkovstov from 4A Games (of Metro fame, devs that built Metro 2033 for the PC first before porting to Xbox 360, so hardly console fanboys):

    “And let’s not forget that programming close to the metal will usually mean that we can get 2x performance gain over the equivalent PC spec. Practically achieving that performance takes some time, though!”

    In short, if you just match current console specs (as not really done above for the GPU and RAM, although the CPU is plenty strong enough), in a few years the consoles will fly past them.


    • James Kyler

      Prior generations that was true but both PS$ and Xbone both share x86 architecture like pc’s and similar gpu structure coding for them is nearly identical now so the Metro comments and 360 references no longer apply

    • Axe99

      Beyond the fact that the consoles still have a few hardware advantages (unified memory, for example), you still get the optimisations for console you don’t get for PC – PC hardware is incredibly varied, and it just isn’t cost-effective for PC versions of games (which generally make less money in total than their console releases) to optimise for literally hundreds of different hardware combinations. On console, on the other hand, they have to optimise literally for two, fixed hardware combinations, and can re-use those optimisations over half a decade or more.

      Look at Shadow of Mordor – it’s a great game visually on PC, but you get very close to high-end PC performance on console for a fraction of the price, and without any of the tech headaches that often come with PC gaming. And this is all in the first year – give it another couple of years and both the XB1 and PS4 will be pulling off things their ‘base’ GPU/CPU combination in a comparable PC couldn’t dream of (not unlike how the original Xbox, a veritable PC-in-a-box, achieved over a decade ago).

    • Zeh Gama

      and where did you get this info axe? funny i watched youtube videos of pc gamers that say there is optimization (which there is) hence why i have this 11 year old graphics card and im still playing the games i love.

    • Axe99

      Haha, necro much? :). I’m too crook to play faster-paced console games now, so almost entirely play strategy games on PC, but a couple of years ago I was gaming a PC with a core i7 and a GTX 660 (similar GPU and significantly inferior CPU to the current consoles) and a PS4, and the PS4 was capable of better visuals at a given framerate. There wasn’t much in it though, deffo nothing to get excited about, although I’d expect another couple of years of optimisation would have made the gap a little larger. There is, of course, also optimisation for PC games but the return on optimisation is far greater for consoles because of the fixed platform, so historically there’s always* (on average, across the platform – there are still individual console games that are optimised terribly) been greater optimisation on console.

      Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t play and enjoy older PC games, particularly given the more gentle curve in hardware improvements these days (11 years ago, an 11-year old card wouldn’t have been good for contemporary games, but the improvement in hardware capability over the last 11 years has been a good deal slower). That said, for modern ‘AAA’ games, an 11-year old card may struggle – Dishonored 2 has a min spec of a GTX 660, and that’s only a five year old card – to play with an 11-year old card you’d want something pretty impressive from way back when.

      * Well, back to the early 1980s, I can’t do console/computer comparisons earlier than that :P.

  • Psionicinversion

    the GPU isnt good enough it need at least a 2.5TFLOP in there like a 760 or a 270x. the 7770 is more on par to a xbox tbh and its not good enough. the CPU isnt good enough either needs 6 core AMD.

    you can get a 6 core AMD, mini ITX board 8GB ram 500w psu, case, 1 TB HD and a 270x for about $520 after mail in rebates and thats good enough to keep with consoles for a while. all it will needs is small GPU upgrades every so often if you keep it low end it may be upto $150 every 2 years but with architecture changes youll get big performance bumps over previous cards with closer ot the metal programming with dx12 itll keep well ahead of the console curve

    • Kumomeme

      true…also need to keep in mind both console had wide different in performance..especially the gpu…
      ps4 gpu was hd7850 while xboxone gpu 7790
      is funny because now not like ps3 and 360 anymore which is both had on par performance
      this is worst build i ever seen…not only worst..also seems outdated

    • Psionicinversion

      7770, the 90 bit on the end usually referred to a dual gpu on AMD’s old naming scheme

  • Kumomeme

    i’ve seen lot of build made to compete either with ps4 or xbox one,
    but this is the worst built i ever seen
    not only worse also seems outdated
    tons of other gaming and pc site had suggested better spec with latest hardware with the similiar budget
    poor you gamingbolt

  • Mark

    I’m in way over ma head with this topic. Lol. I’ll let Psionic and Jeff school us.

  • Zeh Gama

    you can pick up an os from kinguin for 20-30$


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