I Will Be Totally Okay With Some People Not Liking No Man’s Sky – Sean Murray

“I’ve made my peace with that.”

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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky launched with possibly more hype than any other game in recent memory – and certainly more hype than any other indie game ever, but Sean Murray of Hello Games isn’t too worried about raised expectations leading to disappointment. In his words, it is completely alright if some players end up not liking No Man’s Sky after all.

“With our game, often you’re not led to an objective,” Murray said in an interview with Vice. “The game doesn’t hold your hand. And some people will like that. I’ve had people tell me, “I like that the game was treating me as intelligent,” but then what I think they’re saying is: “But I don’t think gamers will be able to deal with that.” I’m not saying any gamers are wrong, but I am totally okay with doing something different, and I will be totally okay with some people not liking this. Over the five years of developing No Man’s Sky, I’ve made my peace with that.”

Honestly, I have to say he is right- as I have played more and more of No Man’s Sky, I have liked it more and more, but I have also come to realize that it requires a very specific kind of mindset and a specific kind of person to enjoy the game. Others who go into it will probably find it pointless, meandering, and unfocused- and they wouldn’t necessarily be wrong in their criticisms, either. Because that’s exactly what this game is- and I think that, over anything else, is No Man’s Sky‘s biggest strength.

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  • J.j. Barrington

    “No Man’s Sky launched with possibly more hype than any other game in recent memory – and certainly more hype than any other indie game ever”

    No, not even. But when folks like you keep on saying it, everybody’s certainly gotten that idea, haven’t they?

    • Nintengods
    • nightlionx1976

      This is easily the best game I’ve played this generation but somehow you feel the best use of your time is to hate on a game that many of us are enjoying. Says a lot about you.

    • Nintengods
    • Over

      Give us an example of a more hyped game/indie game in the last 2-3 years.

    • J.j. Barrington

      The Witcher 3 says hi.

    • Over

      CD Projekt is not an indie a long time ago. 🙂

    • J.j. Barrington

      Oh? Who owns them? Who owns the IP?

      CDPR is owned by no one, and they hold the IP. Therefore: indie.

    • Over

      I guess we have different definitions if indie. I guess ubisoft is an indie, judging your criteria 😉 CDP has a 100+ team. Hardly an indie now.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Indie is about whether or not the developer is tied to a publisher. It has nothing to do with team size at all.

    • Over

      Then Ubisoft is indie.
      Blizzard is indie.

      “Indie” means more than the literal word.


    • J.j. Barrington

      From your own link:

      ” video games created without video game publisher financial support usually by individuals or small teams.”

      So how do CDPR’s games NOT fit this? On the other hand, Ubisoft and Blizzard are publishers who also own developer teams. Like Microsoft and Bungie, these teams can leave the publisher and strike out on their own.

      CDPR, however, is CDPR. They don’t own any devs, nor are they owned by any publishers.

      That said, by the definition you want to use, No Man’s Sky ISN’T indie, because it’s had Sony’s backing for some time now.

      So which is it?

    • Over

      I see you chose to ignore the rest of the paragraph: “However, indie games generally share certain characteristics. Indie games are developed by individuals, small teams, or small independent companies”, etc.

      Ubisoft is a publisher, but is also a developer (Ubisoft, Ubisoft Montreal, etc).

      And you’re the one defining indie as a dev team not backed by a different publisher. So that example about Sony/Hello Games is following your own logic or definition of indie.

    • J.j. Barrington

      “usually by individuals or small teams.”

      I’m sorry, what did I ignore, again?

    • J.j. Barrington

      Also, the “not backed by a different publisher” is part of the definition YOU provided. I specifically asked about IP ownership and developer ownership.

      “Who owns them? Who owns the IP?”
      “Indie is about whether or not the developer is tied to a publisher.”
      “They don’t own any devs, nor are they owned by any publishers.”

      My message has been consistent here.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Oh, and if you’re talking non-indie: Uncharted and Halo easily come to mind. Maybe even Quantum Break.

    • Over

      Quantum Break? Not even close. Halo? Maybe a decade ago or almost. Uncharted? Maybe closer. But NMS had/has more people discussing it than uncharted (see facebook, reddit, website/blog articles/news, etc).

    • J.j. Barrington

      QB was, according to some, supposed to be the Uncharted for Xbox. The next big exclusive for that crowd, from the famed developers of Alan Wake. Didn’t turn out that way, but you’re deluding yourself if you don’t think there was a massive hype machine behind it.

      And Halo was supposed to be this big new thing where Master Chief was being hunted and all. It wound up as the least successful Halo in a decade, but the hype leading up to it was insane.

      Merely discussion, by the way, doesn’t equal hype, as discussion can be good, bad, or neutral, and hype is definitively the first of the three. Unlike Uncharted, much of the talk about NMS was negative, for some unknown reason. Idiots who couldn’t figure out what to do, people complaining that Hello Games wasn’t showing off enough of the game. That’s not hype.

      Are you sure you know what that word means? You’ve already shown you don’t know what indie is.

  • Overload

    The only people who give this game a bad score are Xbox fanboys.

    • efnet

      the game is boring, great idea just not entertaining.

    • nightlionx1976

      I’ve played for nearly 30 hours so far, barely scratched the surface of what is available in this universe and have yet to find one moment where I said gee this is boring. This is hands down the most entertained I’ve been by a new game since Mario 64, truly revolutionary.

    • Marc Grierson

      It’s clearly your cup of tea but the guy is even saying it himself it isn’t going to be everyone’s. It looks really repetitive and I personally don’t find resource grinding a fun game, I don’t care for mass exploration being the only thing keeping me going and I’m not a massive fan of dog fighting in a spacecraft so I know for sure I would find the game very boring very fast so please don’t pretend like the creator of the game has this wrong he has it nailed and knows exactly what he is talking about in this respect. I’m glad some people are digging it though it’s nice to see a small team do well.

    • J.j. Barrington

      ” It looks really repetitive”

      I’m fine with everything else you’ve said, but that statement is the most tired excuse in gaming right now.

      EVERY game can look “really repetitive” if the repetitive stuff is what you’re looking for. If there are ANY, then there definitely are not MANY games that avoid repetition.

    • Marc Grierson

      There’s a difference in most games there is variation to how you go about doing the same thing, in a mining game mining is always going to be mining (some games however try to mask it with tools that can mine bigger chunks using different mining tools making a variation and a want to proceed) Take GTA, GTA will come up with a million ways to do a fetch quest that make it seem different but you’re still doing the same thing. I get what you are saying but they haven’t even masked the fact you’re doing the same thing over and over (again this is from what I’ve seen). I didn’t argue most games are repetitive, they are its just how you mask it.
      If you want to over simplify where do we stop? All games are the same because they are pixels on a screen reacting to button presses?

      Edit – edited to clean the above up I was rushing writing this lol

    • J.j. Barrington

      But you DID oversimplify. Not too many games change how you do a specific thing, but you’re simplifying everything as being “repetitive” based on basic mechanics.

      You used GTA as an example, mentioning that you can go about a mission in different ways… why not consider the exact same thing is possible in NMS? If that weren’t the case, then everybody playing the game would have the same experience. That reality is the opposite says what you claim can’t possibly be true.

    • Marc Grierson

      To be fair when I wrote it I did think maybe I am oversimplifying more based off of the non objective based gameplay (a clear driven objective a scripted narrative) but in that respect when I think about one of my favourite series (souls/borne) that doesn’t strictly have a linear driven narrative, crystal clear objective and in your face explanation and I could apply the same mindset that I’m just plodding through hitting things until they die but in reality it’s as deep as I make it. Kudos I was being a little hypocritical in this one, no hard feelings whatsoever I am indeed oversimplifying this case. I guess it’s just my own taste that’s putting me off it, I’m sure I’ll grab it very cheap one day (but by then it may have lost the charm of naming things haha but we’ll see) hope you enjoy it

    • J.j. Barrington

      No worries.

      I just want people to give every game a chance, and hopefully not judge it too much on other stuff that may not even be all that similar. NMS has been getting a lot of flak for not doing things that, as far as I can recall, it was never supposed to do, anyway. Lots of comparisons to games it doesn’t compare to, and lots of blaming the game for failing to live up to hype that was really generated by everyone but the developers, which I think is unfair.

      I’ll try my best to NEVER do that. Especially after this past E3, where Call of Duty COMPLETELY blew me away. I’ve been a detractor for a long time, because I haven’t felt there’s been enough change in the series for a while now. But after seeing the trailer for the newest game, I have to at least say I’ll give it a shot.

      Whenever I can, I’ll argue for that much of a chance for every game.

    • Marc Grierson

      For sure it definitely has. Steam has gone to town on it, metacritic fan reviews are hammering it and I agree a lot of it was naive and misconceived notions about what the game is going to be. The hype for this one was ridiculous (for any game to get the level of hype I’ve seen for nms it was never going to meet people’s lofty expectations!!) I feel for the team too because if I put myself in their shoes I can see that they have tried to defuse the hype for their own game which sucks. As I said it has never looked my sort of thing from the off but that’s fine I won’t force myself onto the hype bandwagon you know.

      I do try my hardest to give everything a go when the time (and price) is right for me my library on ps4/3 and xb1 is rediculous for digital games (I only buy digital lol I have the urge to sell physical then regret it) and very diverse so it’s nice too see someone that tries to do the same.

      I will deffo give it a whirl at some point though I’m hoping ps plus has it at some point! Too busy hyping ffxv and playing through evil within for the first time!!

    • efnet

      We obviously have different taste then yea?

    • Nintengods


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