Japanese Games Are Still Irrelevant To The Mass Market, Says Michael Pachter

Except for games like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, and Nintendo games.

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Last year, in an interview with GamingBolt, Michael Pachter famously said that Japanese games are a non factor to the larger market. However, this year has been a tour de force of Japanese gaming, with the highest rated games of the year being Japanese, most major releases being Japanese, and even some of the highest selling games being Japanese.

In fact, even the more niche releases like Persona 5 have managed to sell nearly 2 million units- so does Mr. Pachter still think that Japanese games are ultimately irrelevant to the larger market?

“Yes, Japanese games don’t matter in the larger scheme of things,” Pachter said in an interview with GamingBolt. “You are talking about 2 million units, I mean, a piece of crap like Mafia 3 sold 5 million units, and that game is a piece of crap. So, no, 2 million units is a rounding error, that doesn’t matter. No one is making money off of that.

Pachter made it clear that he did enjoy Persona 5, which is the most Japanese game there is- but he also said that he has no misconceptions about its larger mass market appeal. “Persona 5 was really, seriously, the first Japanese game that I liked in years, outside of Kojima and Nintendo stuff. But no, I don’t think it matters. There’s going to be the occasional Final Fantasy that will sell like 8 or 10 or 20 million games, but the Japanese games that ultimately work are games like Metal Gear, the ones that have a western appeal to them, those are the ones that have mass appeal. The ones that have Japanese appeal, don’t have mass appeal, and they don’t translate well to other cultures.

That said, he did concede that Persona 5 probably met Atlus’ own expectations. “I mean, I am sure that Atlus is happy with the 2 million units that Persona 5 sold, that’s a success for them.”

But what about Nintendo? We brought up the point that Nintendo does not hew towards a western aesthetic, and that its games remain among the most successful in the industry.

“I would say Nintendo is the exception that proves the rule- if you were a Martian, and you had never seen a video game before, and I showed you a Nintendo game side by side with Persona 5 or Final Fantasy, you would not think they are from the same place. They don’t look alike at all. Nintendo has its own style, just like Disney cartoons have their own style, there’s something about them that’s different. I don’t know what it is, but no, it’s honestly… Nintendo has got an approachable, family friendly fun, whimsical… I mean, the big controversy at E3 was that Mario is using a gun in Mario + Rabbids, because it is so not like Nintendo. So Nintendo is a completely different company, they are the closest thing to Disney Japan has. Everything they do is completely different from everything everyone else does, the rules don’t apply there. They are the exception that proves the rule, no one in Japan makes anything like that, except for maybe Sonic.”

So there you have it- Pachter’s opinion still has not changed here. What do you think, however? Personally, I think that while an individual Japanese game may not count for as much as an individual western AAA release, cumulatively, having a lineup of Japanese games like Persona, Nioh, and Nier can definitely help a system’s appeal- see also, just how fantastically well the PS4 has performed this year.

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    Finally he says something that makes sense

    • One The One


  • Brian Dub

    For the most part, he’s right, sadly. Japanese games are irrelevant to the gaming industry in a pure business sense, but very relevant to a lot of gamers in fun factor, and always will be.

    • Mark

      Agreed. They have their importance in ways and that’s ok

    • Fweds

      Play one JRPG and you have basically played them all.

    • LifeOnMars

      Play one FPS and you have basically played them all.
      Play one driving game and you have basically played them all.
      WOW that’s all of they Xbox catalogue sorted….
      You talk so much rubbish. …….

    • Starman

      Why do you PlayStation idiots always bring up shooters. Remember your precious Sony has the marketing right to COD …

    • LifeOnMars

      Takeaway the shooters on Xbox and it will be as much use as an ash tray on a motorcycle.

    • Fweds

      Notice how both Mrxrat and LifeOnMars Upvotes are increasing at exactly the same time.

    • Fweds

      Try and use one name in the same topic you will find it less confusing.

    • LifeOnMars

      ? ?

    • Fweds

      Yours and Mrxrat Upvotes are currently increasing by one exactly every 30 mins.

      It’s an Upvote Bot.

    • LifeOnMars

      Nice try, but I have one user account.

    • Fweds

      Hmm maybe but you can see what I am talking about with his Upvote Bot right ?
      They have now all jumped up to 9 votes.

    • Mr Xrat

      Play one Forza and you have basically played them all.

    • Fweds

      Apart from the fact the PS4 doesn’t even have a SIM racer, you can apply your fanboy logic to anything.
      Play one Uncharted and you have played them all. Etc.

      I’m talking about a game genre not a game series, try not to let your fanboy mentality get in the way of common sense.

    • Fweds

      Upvote Bot is a little less obvious, it’s increasing yours and LifeOnMars(also yours) Upvotes at exactly the same timed rate.

      Use an Upvote Bot once especially on more than one name and increase them at exactly the same rate you have seen them all.

    • Harrison Jaegermeister

      Yeah, just like every famous Japanese games ever made, OH WAIT!!!

  • The_Chaos_Theory

    “Japanese games aren’t relevant to the mass market.. aside from all these Japanese games that are relevant to the mass market.”

    I wonder what it’s like to be as stupid as Michael Pachter and still get paid.

    “First person shooters irrelevant to the mass market. Every now and then you get a call of duty that will sell 8 or 10 or 20 million units, but for the most part they don’t matter. I mean with Titanfall 2 you’re talking a few million units, even a piece of crap like Assassins Creed sold more than that, and that’s a piece of crap.”

    Literally his exact argument can be applied to anything.

    • Starman

      Funny ,I’ve seen you praising and agreeing with every comment he’s made previously..

    • Juliecpatel

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    • The_Chaos_Theory

      Such as?

    • Harrison Jaegermeister

      She’s a woman that’s why.

  • dego

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  • Starman

    I’m an Anime fanatic… always loved Japanese style games , fast paced , flashy …. all of the above but , lately that style has become stale. FFXV close….. but no cigar. They need to rethink their approach .
    They need to bring back games like Z.O.E. , Fear Effect etc etc

    • LifeOnMars

      Sounds to me that you need to swallow your pride and purchase a Playstation.

    • chaz

      Play Persona

    • Fweds

      Then take a look at “Code Vein” by Bandai Namco currently announced for the Xbox1X.

  • THE4point2TFLOPweakness

    First time always wrong Patcher had one right. Japanese games are for id***s hahahahaha

    • Karu

      Make an account for weak console war trolling, but have to censor the word idiot?

      Is your mom looking over your shoulder while you type or something?

    • THE4point2TFLOPweakness

      I wanted idiots to notice that hahahahah

  • Mr Xrat

    I see his point. Japanese games help contribute to the sheer breadth and diversity that the PS4 and increasingly the Switch enjoys, and why both currently and will continue to dominate the market.

    Interesting to see Xgimps latch onto these comments though. I understand why. They hate games.

  • Thomas Vs

    Spoken like a narrow-sighted businessman who only looks for the greatest ROI and has no idea what the whole public wants. Per his logic, movie studios should only make remakes of Avatar and Titanic, and car companies should only make the Toyota Camry.

    There’s a plenty big market out there for JRPGs and other niche games. Should you put the same budget into them that you put into a 10+-million-selling-game? Of course not. You put the amount of budget into them that you think will make you money. And the money you make in those niche markets is better than no money at all.

    Completely ignoring a niche market or considering it irrelevant is just stupid.

  • Legionarius

    Can we stop legitimizing this clown?

  • Harrison Jaegermeister

    She Mad at Japanese-made video games for not toeing their feminist ideology.
    Proceeds to call it “irrelevant.”


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