John Carmack details Negative experiences with Nintendo

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John Carmack had a lot to say as to why they aren’t developing for Nintendo platforms. The main reason he says is due to the fact that the technologies are out of sync. What this means is, considering the types of games id makes, it’s not technically possible to make them run on the Wii. I’m sure plenty of you know this, but it’s nice hearing from John Carmack himself.

“The only reason we’re not doing anything with Nintendo now is just that the technologies are out of sync,” said Carmack. He also mentioned that the audience for the Wii usually aren’t receptive to games developers like id create, which is expected when you see the type of third party support the Wii got this gen. “. It’s a perfect opportunity to do PC, 360, PS3, but you couldn’t have the same content base also targeting the Wii,” explained Carmack.

He hasn’t seen the Wii U console yet, but he believes it will change attitude of the third party developers, as the machine is capable of running most games they can create. But, you know, the new platform is probably just right there. It would probably be straightforward to target our stuff over there. It would depend on what the business case is for any of that,” he said.

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  • idiot get a life nintendo have developers that are alot more talented and they dont need u stay off the wiiu as u still dont seem to understand its a very powerful box dx11 graphics but in opengl and the cpu is leagues and leagues away from a ps3 and the wiiu can do anything u put out on pc but better keep ur rubbish games as the developers in japan that did that zelda tech demo are already showing that with HD and power nintendo have more skill just going off that tech demo

  • m

    When PS4/720 release they’ll be back at square 1 and 3rd parties will not release their games for the Wii U.

  • cl

    is this something that needs to be said to an audience?

    john carmack must have had a need for filler during his speech to make this statement. after this point he went on to say that he isn’t developing for panasonic microwaves nor any “smart” fridges.

  • “and the wiiu can do anything u put out on pc but better ”

    and your opinion officially jumped out the window


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