Killzone 3 PS3 Bundle Arriving To US Retailers

Posted By | On 15th, Feb. 2011 Under News

It was revealed earlier this month that a Killzone 3 PS3 bundle will be heading towards Europe. This bundle packs a Jungle Green Dualshock 3 controller, a PS3 and Killzone 3.

It was now revealed that a similar bundle will also be heading to US retailers.

This new bundle will include a copy of Killzone 3, a 160GB PS3 and a standard Dualshock 3 (unlike the European bundle), all for $299.99.

The US bundle is set to be released on February 22.


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  • Awesome deal for moving consoles and Killzone 3. If you don’t have a PS3, there isn’t a reason, unless financially you cannot and I understand, to not own a PS3.

    • dh4645

      yeah exactly. they should also include a bundle with MOVE and killzone 3 at a slight discount. that would make a lot of sense.

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  • Thatruth86

    Its about damn time theres a kz3 bundle unless im late .. And why the hell dont we get the junle ual shock thas so gay lol.. Heyy thats a good price its like getting kz3 for free just buying a new ps3.. Im in need of a new 1 as it is hopefully i can get 1 … This bundle should of at least come with a kz3 faceplate that would of been pretty but iguess us is not that special ahhaa

  • yodathe3rd

    dang its about time that we get a good bundle europe always gets these sweet bundles we finally got one and as for the faceplate that truth is talking about PDP will probably be making one i have one for my ps3 slim from them for gran turismo 5.

    • Thatruth86

      ohh thats cool the GT5 bundle came with one i didnt know that but a kz3 one would be pretty cool and at least they should make kz3 dual shock3 controller to buy since we dont get jungle one.

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  • aquaman22

    I think last time around, Europe got a limited edition of the game which came in a different type of packaging. I saw something similar for killzone 3, where it is being packaged in a titanium box or something like that. But 120 GB?? that’s a bit low for me, since i have so much crap on my PS3

    • dh4645

      yeah 120 GB is a little small. i have the phat 60 GB and just upgraded the HDD to a 500 GB 2 months ago. already have over half of it filled. i’m not sure how i survived with only 60GB all this time. hah

    • Thatruth86

      how is 120 too small i dont what you filled it up with but thats crazy bc i had the 40 and i hadn’t filled it at all had about 8gb left but i guess with all updates and what its possible

    • dh4645

      i have a crap-ton of songs, games (rb save file with 600 songs is kinda huge)and video (which takes up most of the space). i have a bunch of tv series i’ve ripped from dvds and converted with handbrake just sitting on my HDD waiting. still have 200+ GB free, but i am getting new stuff every week. this reminds me, i better to a backup to my external 640 GB drive

  • kold

    but standard ds3…wtf!! the jungle green ds3 controller would have been a better addition to this bundle 😐
    btw are the US KZ3 copies going to have access to the socom 4 beta?

  • aquaman22

    we’ll im not rippin anything but all of my MP3s and pics are on my ps3 for my HD viewing pleasure. it also frees up some space on my computer. so that’s why i’m thinking about upgrading, not to mention the ton of updates that we do weekly or let’s say monthly it adds up. And since i’m a trophy hunter, I’m too afraid to delete game data or things of that nature. Aqua Out!!

  • Thatruth86

    Bundles dnt seem like a great buy with just one game offered to it.. When it it to holidays thats when they come out with the best bundles but im never able to get my hands on em They should add led something else this to make it worthy of a purchase


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