Metal Gear Solid Rising: Plot Dissected

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Metal Gear Solid has been a great franchise for over two decades, with Solid Snake not only becoming the main protagonist of the series but also an iconic hero. The last Metal Gear Solid game was a stellar game and tied all loosed ends of the series and gave Solid Snake a deserving farewell. Now at E3 2009 a new Metal Gear Solid game was announced and the real surprise was that Raiden was announced as the main protagonist of the game. Now during that time a number of theories came up, but we have waited for long so that we can analyze deeply on the possible plots for the game. So here it goes:

  • Events will take place after Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Not the same mistake again!

Not the same mistake again!

Ok there has been many speculation that Rising will actually take place between the events of MGS2 and MGS4. I don’t see that happening. Why would Hideo Kojima dug a hole for himself again? The story of MGS2 was heavily criticized and MGS4 did a great job of tying them up. So after working so hard on the plot and than again going back to reveal more plot lines about what happened between MGS2 and MGS4 will get a big NO from me. I seriously believe that the game will take place after MGS4 with Raiden fighting against a resistance group which emerged after the entire Patriot’s system went offline. I know that Raiden was re operated in the end and he is no more a cyborg ninja, but may be the picture depicted in the trailer is of Raiden who is actually not a cyborg but is wearing a ninja uniform.

  • That is not Raiden, that is Gray Fox
A game on Gray Fox will be awesome

A game on Gray Fox will be awesome

Ok before all of you go mad at me…hold on. I know it was announced at the Microsoft Press Conference: “Raiden is Back”. For people who know Hideo Kojima, they know that he likes to tease alot. So may be Metal Gear: Rising is nothing but a game on Gray Fox and his code name is Raiden. Just like Naked Snake who got his title of Big Boss after he finished his mission in Snake Eater, in that same way may be Gray Fox was known as Raiden during his hay days.

  • MGS in a different universe
A new universe? May be.

A new universe? May be.

This is the best bet that can happen. I see an alternate world of Metal Gear Solid which chronologically does not fall in to the original franchise. Much like the Metal Gear Acid series on the PSP, the game can take place with Raiden riding on what seems like “Crying Wolf”. And you are the ninja and you have to go hack n slash against robots or whatever. Remember Kojima said this time around MGS will put some emphasis on action as well.

  • Metal Gear Classic Remake
A remake of the original games will be a dream come true

A remake of the original games will be a dream come true

Now as I said before, in point 2. That the main character might actually be Gray Fox, but he would only be a secondary character. Solid Snake will return as the main playable character. And this time of course he will be young. I think Kojima is not keen on leaving the franchise on young shoulders even though he has mentioned it many times that he is keen to do so.So in that case he would rather leave the new team to work on something which is established so that he wont have to be with them all the time, which has already been confirmed by the way.

So folks let us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • cypher

    rising is going to be a subplot between MGS2 and MGS4, thats truly the only way it makes sense, it could be about how raiden escapes area 51 and etc. its an easy plot to understand to bring in new comers, it will probably have you killing a lot of gaurds a la ninja style. maybe like ninja gaiden, who knows.

    • area 51? lol whats wrong with u lol it will proberly be about the events after metal gear solid 2 as raiden starts to break down, etc

  • Kee

    1st. i think they should just come up with something else. a new story, but with similar MGS gameplay. No snake, no raiden, no warheads etc etc. Fresh start. Make a new story.


    • Darthie

      Agreed, that would be awesome. I did not play 3rd nor 4th sequel of the game, because i only own a pc and do not plan on buying consoles, because I don’t have a TV (Lol)

    • Sorry, but I don’t agree… If MGS started with Snake and Raiden, then perhaps it would be best to finish with them… They are the best characters.

      Raiden can’t be Gray Fox… cause Gray Fox died in MGS1… Raiden in MGS2 was only a Rockie, and at near the end, Olga gave him a sword, and Raiden was only learning to use it… I hope in MGSRising, they won’t fuck up the story, or else this game can kiss asses goodbye…

  • me

    I see what your saying, but i think your wrong, we have no clue about the events of raiden saving sunny from the patriots. We just know he was tortured and was saved by big mama. The game could be about the events of that, which would be awesome.

  • Naughty God

    You’re in luck, this IS somthing else. Read the small print: Lightning Bolt Action, whereas from 1987 untill 2008 it always has been Tactical Espionage Action.

    Want 2 play Metal Gear? Get a 60GB PS3, with MGS3:Subsistence you get to play the entire Saga with Snake on one machine=)

  • Ago

    It would be great to live the Zanzibar experience!!!!!!

  • major tom

    no.if you want to slash guys with a katana,buy ninja gaiden.don’t ruin THE best story series in the ENTIRE gaming history.its all about hiding,crawling,cigarettes,camo,and SOLID SNAKE.the best for me ,and i own ALL the games (and i mean ALL)is for snake to find a cure to this rapid aging process and continue the saga.after all,in this metal gear universe everything is possible.characters die several times and ressurect.cant they cure snake???oh,trust me,they can.i ve seen it many times.

  • Xbot

    Should be a great game.

    but Kojima has nothing to do with it.

  • FlashMedallion

    I’m still going to go with it being set between MGS2 and MGS4. We know that Raiden was sent on a mission to find rescue Sunny from the Patriots, and at some point after that he was captured, experimented on and given the cyborg body, and then later recovered the body of Big Boss. The teaser site had a heavy focus on the Sun and on Lightning, so I’d say this is a pretty clear reference to Sunny and Raiden. If the story covered both missions, this would fit the formula of the Metal Gear games – MGS1 and MGS3 both had Snake being captured, tortured, and returning more badass than ever. This would probably turn out to be something like Raidens equivalent of Snakes mission at Shadow Moses. Sons of Liberty was Raidens rookie mission, and this is where he’ll be older and wiser and really earn his bones.

    Gameplay wise I think it is still going to be very Metal Gear, there’ll be nothing to fear about that, but I’d say the focus won’t be on the standard “Snake-style” sneaking missions that we know and love from Naked Snake, Solid Snake and Raidens rookie outing but rather a “Fox-style” – still stealth, but with a heavy emphasis on violent blade work and suddenly striking from out of nowhere, the kind of action we’ve seen from Null in MPO, Grey Fox in MGS1 and Raiden in MGS4.

    So that’s what I think, based on everything I’ve seen and my take on the franchise.

  • gazprom2010

    New to this fansite, very impressed so far by the level of intellect shown when discussing the ‘Metal Gear Universe’

    Just want to start by saying that I’ve heard a lot of concerns regarding MGS: Rising. I persoanlly think that it will be an outstanding game. Yes, Hideo Kojima is not directly involved with making of the game but he will none the less take a lead role as the Executive Producer. I personally 100% trust the man who has delivered one of the greatest fictional storylines accross all media. The only concern I have is that I do not believe that taking the game to XBOX360 was a good move, this may put limits on the game in the same way Rockstar admitted that there was a lot more to GTA4 they wanted to include but the game filled the DVD disc that the xbox uses, where as Blu-Ray has tripple or quadruple the space. Whether you are pro PS3 or pro XBOX, the fact of the matter is the PS3 is technologically superior to xbox, (there is no possible way that the xbox could have handled MGS4).

    As far as mgs2 / mgs4 being bad or good games, I’ve enjoyed all in the MGS series. Some believe mgs4 was not a good game due to the more action feel, but my answer to that previous mgs games have been more about stealth as Solid Snake and Raiden react to the moves of the Patriots and the rest of their pawns. MGS4 was about taking the fight too and destroying them once and for all. Snakes allies also changed from faces and words on the CODEC screen into solid tangable backup on the battlefield that could actually stand and fight with Snake, so there was less of a need to go lone wolf. Lets not forget how much the MGS world had changed in GOTP and so the games must change with it!


    1. what if snake did die and he became the ‘New Big Boss’, in terms of rouge and govermental agencies wanting to take claim of Snakes remains to clone his DNA for a new world army or a Dead Cell type team. (I’m sure that would drag Raiden back to the battlefield)

    2.We all know of the ‘Les Infants Terrible’ project. What if there has been another ‘project’ behind the scenes lead by either Liquid, Solidus or the Patriots where a new breed of brotherhood of super agents have been created and trained to support a new world order incase the Patriots system was ever destroyed. Snake has only destroyed The Patriots plan A, but people in power always make sure there is a contingency.

    3. You play as Drebin. We all know the game engine is being redesigned, maybe to allow for controllable veihcles. You playing as Drebin and using a new version of the APC in some situations, for example; using its weapons for a decoy or base assult, using it for information transfers i.e recieving orders, or using it to store weapons or items.
    Looking forward to your comments – good and bad.
    Thanks for reading!

  • Ammar

    I think the whole riden thing might ruin it. i like him, but dont want to play with him. I think new metal gear should be befor the first one. Like when grey fox and snake first met. something like that.

  • fukit001

    all i can say is if you look at how the games are being done there is a pattern mgs1-3 has been: solid snake, riden and big boss and now if you look at the games after mgs3 you have snake in mgs4 and riden in mgs:rising and big boss in mgs:peacewalker so basicaly there are 3 main characters of the games that are having two games each and to be honest it shouldnt matter who your playing as because if ur a true mgs fan then u would play it no matter what i mean dont get me wrong game play is important but with mgs its more about the story and riden is apart of that story and sure alot of ppl dont like riden but thay still play because thay like the story and in my oppinion hideo kajima hasnt failed us yet and what ever the events of the game are im sure it would be a good game and a good part of the mgs story and what u have to remember is that this game isnt about snake so naturely the game play will be different

  • TJ

    It will probably be how raiden helped big mamma.

  • Raiden

    Im going to buy this game without second thoughts.

    Its all about snake with you guys, The new raiden could take out snake no sweat. I dont see why people dont like raiden, he’s a cool guy, and his destiny still awaits.

  • that one guy

    I remember when I first heard of MGS4. I shit a brck cause I have played most of the games before (Except the nintendo days too young) and when I found out that was going to be on the ps3, I kinda got bumbed out a bit cause at the moment, My wallet wasn looking to pretty and the 360 was lookin really nice as far as price tags were concerned. But I got the ps3 instead. So after I played it the first few hours I looked up debates and the fan boy war ad I thought it was kinda funny.

    To me, it wasnt about he Graphics so much as the story. I wouldnt care if they put it on the 360 with not so good graphs. I just wanted to see the end of it cause I havebee following it since the ps1 days. And I really liked part 2 cause it brough a new story to keep everything fresh. Lets face it, You couoldntreally have MGS 4 without the aspects that raiden brought to it. twas fun to watch him in action and explore hs story a bit more ad I think tht raiden will be a natruel fit for the series. ts the different elementsthat you ca use with raiden. even some simlar ideas.

    For instance, as snake you can hide in a bush and shoot someone a distance away. But with radian your using knves. almost the sme thing.

    Not to mention that as raiden you should be able to do a bit more.Wth most metal gear games your on a near preset pth. But with raiden I think that using his abily to climb and jump could add to ne ways of doing missions, pehaps instead of that door down the hall, take a latter up to the roof and get a drop on em from a sky light,

    As far as story goes, well thats a different thing. there could have been alot that happened between MGS2 and mgs4. Maybe even taking a step back and goingto somethin before MGS 2 for a bit, to before the big shell incident. Like his preperations and transitions Between the 2 time lines. Or maybe just shooting through the entire story line from before MGS 2 all the way to slightly past MGS4 and make another story line like, Was snake aware that raiden and otocan were working together to get sunny out of the patriot program?Maybe the patriots arent dead. maybe the ne patriots kept the old names of the original members so that the may wash their hands of the incidents if needed to and by that watching the old program and finding new ways to use it.

    and as for Mr. Kojima, Metal gear is like is baby, I dont thik that he is just going to sit back and let others work on and say nothing. he isnt a dumb man and that would not be a mart move. expecially if the gameand the story aent any good.

  • andy

    i know this is a long shot, but how awesome would it be if they made a mgs where you go back in time and play as the original big boss in ww2 when she was assigned to destroy german v2 rocket installations. that would be pretty down, maybe working with the Cobras and all that good stuff.

    or even crazier…you know how the original big boss had a son with the sorrow but was tooken away by the philosophers, what if he somehow became involved.

    just thoughtss, but still would be pretty cool

  • david

    this may be off point. but if you remember the comments of solidus in mgs2… he said that there were more clones(6 or 8, i cant recall) clones…in metal gear soolid we found out that solid and liquid were two of these clones. solidus was introduced as a clone in mgs2. ive never heard that anyone else picked up on this…..also, it was stated in mgs that dr. clark was a man and that gray fox killed “him”. we found out later in mgs3 the prequal to it all, that paramedic is actually dr. clark. it may be just a few inconsistancies in the storyline, but i couldnt honestly see hideo letting something like that happen! also…in mgs 4 snake was injected with a new strain of foxdie. could that possibly reverse the accelerated aging that was written in his genes? if anyone has any thoughts on this please comment and email me!

  • I think in mgs Rising raiden will be in the middle east after snake has
    died with no memory of his past when groups of soldiers with swords attack him. ocolot will probably be back and be in command of a cloning program.after mgs 2 metal gear ray the marine prototype got away and had a tail but in mgs 4 metal gear ray had no tail and had outer heven labeled on it. which means the marine prototype must still be out there with ocolot and there was 8 clones of big boss including solidus,liquid,and solid snake as solidus said in mgs 2

  • Why is the plot even a question? It’s obviously about Raiden rescuing Sunny, because Hideo left that HUGE part out. I mean come on, you wondered who that little girl with Otacon was in MGS4 too. Maybe throw in some stuff in the middle of Rising to help us understand why this little girl is a computar genious? Or a scene of the Patriots trying to use Sunny to their advantage, when the irony is she helps destroy them at the end

  • me i love all the mgs games i have done 1234


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