Metro: Redux Is Just 17GB

For how stunning it looks? HOW DID THEY MANAGE THIS?

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Metro Redux

Metro: Last Light was a hell of a looker. A beautiful game when it released last year, and now, with the upcoming Metro: Redux, both it and its immediate predecessor look even more gorgeous. They are stunning, and really show us the technical and artistic mastery of developer 4A Games.

Which is why it is so staggering that the games? They will just collectively take up 17GB of your hard drive. 17GB!

For reference, a game like Titanfall, which, with all due respect, looked like crap, was nearly 50GB.  Or The Last of Us Remastered, which is a remaster of a single last generation game, in excess of 40 GB. How 4A Games managed to get Metro Redux down to just 17 GB boggles the mind.

Personally, this makes it a much more appealing purchase than a game that I would probably have to wait for a good long while to finish downloading.

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  • d0x360

    It depends on the game. Titan fall was massive because it had every regions dialog on a single disc instead of printing multiple different discs each for a different region. Quite a few of the console games are doing that cause its cheaper for the publisher. Sometimes the reason is just lazy development. They will put multiple copies of the same file on the disc instead of configuring it to load efficiently from s single location they group files together multiple times to speed up loading so the drive doesn’t have to move the heads and locate them elsewhere on the drive.

    Metro is a smaller size because the pc version is already “next gen” and efficient. All they are doing with this update is running some effects in higher quality and using the higher resolution texture work. I’d go more in depth technically but I have a pounding headache and I’m finding it difficult to concentrate


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