Michael Pachter: Sony Exclusives Will Let PS4 Keep Lead in 2015

Pachter has spoken.

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Michael Pachter has a bit of a spotty track record as far as gaming predictions go, but he gets more right than wrong; at the very least, his predictions are deemed to be accurate enough that his analyses are used to make investments and disinvestments.

For 2015, he predicts that Sony will continue its lead with the PlayStation 4, and that, specifically, their superior lineup of mostly in house exclusives will do it for them.

“Assuming that Xbox One reverts to the $399 price point, I think that Sony first party software will make a real difference in 2015. The company has a phenomenal lineup of exclusives, and they’re spread throughout the year. This should keep interest in the PS4 high, and should allow Sony to extend its lead,” he said.

Personally, I am inclined to agree with him- Sony’s games like Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and funded ventures like No Man’s Sky, in addition to highly desirable fare like Persona 5, make it the best system to own in 2015 for my money. No exceptions.

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  • Starman

    “Pachter has spoken” and this is what editors choose to post at ‘G B’ really , so now you all listen to a numbers guy and not real gamer’s but , you want gamer’s to take this website serious … lol

  • Vance

    i’m personally looking forward to AAA titles like Quantum Break, Halo Guardians, Tomb Raider along with indie titles such as Happy Wars, Ori, Space Engineer also looking forward to highly desirably titles like State of Decay
    these to me makes xbox one the best system to own in 2015.

    • itsmeeee

      there is nothing to argue here the ps4 will sell better. end of story

    • Vance

      whats your point?
      did i talk about who’ll sell more or did i talk about great games?
      you seem like the type to jump on bandwagons. I buy what works for ME and the games i wrote above are games that i’m looking forward to.
      so if you play sales figures then that’s your preference, i on the other hand will play great games.

    • Agent_Blade

      Only game interesting in XB1 lineup is Rise of the Tomb Raider and its a timed exclusive. I love both systems but PS4 has way better lineup of exclusives for 2015 hands down… so far. However though you seem to have a pretty nice lineup there.

  • rodney patrick

    LMFAO i don’t think so gamingbolt.you and patcher better look again at what the xbox one got coming out in 2015

    • itsmeeee

      lol what INDIES. ROFL ps4 is gonna sell miles better than the xbone just like this year

    • rodney patrick

      indies you must be talking about the ps4 ,go and do some resarch kid

    • Agent_Blade

      I really think you need to be the one doing the research. I bet you have no idea just how many exclusives are on PS4 and/or the PS family in 2015. Educate yourself. And yes Indies do count they are still games.

  • itsmeeee

    For once I agree with Patcher. The Ps4 will not only extend it’s lead but probably double it.

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see this

    • MrSec84 .

      Yep, while PS4 had a pretty steady stream of console exclusives last year, this year’s line-up is massive and there’s the highly likely chance that Sony has at least a few more big games to announce for this year too.
      So many of their devs have been very quiet, for years, but so far Sony has 15 true exclusives announced and coming to PS4 and a whole load of other games that aren’t coming to XB1.

      I doubt many people will be picking XB1 over PS4 considering that they can buy all of the quality multiplats and get such a vastly superior exclusive line-up with awesome variety and quality.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Console exclusives? You are reaching since most of those can be played on PC at better framerates and resolutions.

      It’s funny that PS4 actually lost more exclusives to PC than Xbone did in 2014.

    • MrSec84 .

      Reaching nothing kid, I should have said PS4 exclusives, console exclusives are something different, meaning they get a PC release too.

      LMFAO no Xbox One lost more exclusives than PS4 did in 2014.

      LMFAO at you PC boys, acting like every PC can play games with superior settings and performance, it only works that way if you pay the money out for the parts kid.
      When you take into consideration that you have to spend a lot more to build a rig with something like 7870 or higher, plus for £40 a year you get access to a tonne of games that would cost you way more to buy on PC consoles really are the better value option, considering that’s now started to include AAA stuff, along with indies the value just increases.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      A PS4 is a downclocked 7850 and a $125 750Ti outperforms it (And the incoming 950Ti will likely be as cheap and have major performance gains). And considering those multiplats and indies are cheaper on PC. You will save a lot more along with no online paywall tax.

      But then you seem in denial and ignorant that PS4 lost more exclusives and is losing even more every week. Last week it lost a major Anime title.

      Ignorance in console gamers. Who would have thought?

    • Dan Davidson

      Not having a PS4 means not playing:
      Infamous Second Son
      Infamous First Light
      The Last of Us Remastered
      The Order 1886
      Ratchet And Clank
      Tearaway Unfolded
      Until Dawn
      Uncharted 4
      Shadow of The Beast

      Plus other potential titles like:
      God of War 4
      Gran Turismo 7
      The Last Guardian

      Whatever your gaming preference, it’s worth buying for enjoyable games alone. There is no one true superior system. It’s all about the games.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Considering the “Quality” of those exclusives released so far (AKA Not much) and the impending disappointments of The Order and Bloodbone. I’ll pass and wait for those indies like Rime and Wild to show up on PC, thanks.

    • Dan Davidson

      Other than the botched launch for Driveclub, all of those games have been fantastic. And in terms of quality, Infamous Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered are amazing. For an indie game, Resogun is extremely impressive and I don’t see how you can possibly think Uncharted 4, Until Dawn, The Order 1886 and Bloodborne are lacking in any way. You’re stating what you think without saying why. Are you American or something?

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      I’m stating that they look boring and last gen with a few fancy tricks. What’s the difference between Infamous SS and the 2nd game except SS having a dodgier framerate? Resogun is a dime a dozen twin stick shooter. TLOU is a boring 3rd person cover shooter with bad forced stealth. The Order is a filled with QTE’s joke and Bloodborne removes the elements of the soul series that makes them unique in pursuit of a “Wider audience”.

      The PS4 and Xbone are just Last gen games at last gen standards.

    • Dan Davidson

      Last gen? Hardly. Until last year I’d never seen anything as graphically impressive as Ryse Son of Rome. It blew my mind. And now so has Uncharted 4. PC delivers big games late and outdates hardware far faster than it should. Console gaming just like PC gaming has huge benefits and any serious gamer should really be gaming on more than one platform. Otherwise you’re just a fanboy.

    • Xbox Fans Have No Integrity Or

      To this day I still don’t know what overclocked even means and I pride myself on the fact that I dont.. Your pc related jargon has no place in our console gaming worlds kid.. You need to face fact and share a room with Poindextor where you belong kid.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Funny since that’s all you PS4 shills were talking about like tech specs during the generation. Turns out you are a hypocrite and console peasant all in one.

    • Xbox Fans Have No Integrity Or

      You want to run that mouth to me over skype or google? God knows you couldn’t make a case against console only gamers like myself if you tried.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      What’s wrong with disqus? Are you that much of an insecure console peasant you want to take things privately and scream at people for a while to make yourself feel better?

      Nope. Disqus is a perfectly fine platform for debate. Go be a child yelling “1v1 me” elsewhere like PSN.

    • Xbox Fans Have No Integrity Or

      Actually debating through text and forums is exactly what you nerds believe is credible but it isn’t. You just lack the personal integrity to engage me in intelligent conversation. There is no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.. This generation of gamers and especially douchebag PC gamers like yourself are being weened from behind a kb and your annonymity. No wonder you chumps are afraid of real life debate… because your voices haven’t dropped and in reality.. YOU CHUMPS HATE CONFRONTATION.. which explains why your entire generation is as pussified as it is.

      You leave me a google name or a PSN name and I’ll be there so fast your little head will spin kid. PC gamers and people like you are full of yourselves and the make believe world you children live in.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      So you are screaming your head off in disqus about credibility saying you want a one on one because you literally cannot stand a public debate. How droll. If you had any conviction in your opinions, you would use a public forum like this instead of wanting a one on one “Debate”.

      I highly doubt anything you say vocally would be worth listening to anyway considering your current textual output. All that would be different would you be screaming at your mom for more hot pockets before telling people how Sony is the best because they brought in always online after you bought the console.

      Again, you are literally cut from the same cloth as the COD kiddies who scream “1V1 ME FGT” and really just a console peasant.

      By the way, I don’t use google. Botnets are for the uninformed who like the NSA spying on them. Like you.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Actually I can see Steamboxes eviscerating that lead once they get released later next year. If power and resolutions are the defining feature of this gen, then people will buy the console with the most power. Which won’t be the PS4 any more.

    • MrSec84 .

      Except the market that buys the console base aren’t interested in a PC for their gaming needs, their a separate audience.
      Exclusives are the main factor, along with simple ease of use, costs and value added by services like PS Plus really clinch it for say PS4’s intended audience.

      With all of the exclusives (games only on PS4) that will be coming to the platform in the future that just gives that audience and even bigger reason to buy in and costs will of course be reduced, probably to £249 or lower by the end of this year, by the end of next year it’s probably going to be below £200 and in a few years after that likely £100.

      The fact that PS4 is a Playstation is also a factor, but there are more reasons than performance, of course PC can be much more powerful, but that doesn’t really matter to the audience of the platform.

      Steam isn’t really known to anyone outside of the PC community.
      Playstation is about as synonymous with console gaming as an iPod is to portable music players or iPhone is to mobile phones.
      Trying to break that market is a very sharp uphill climb.
      Unless Valve makes dedicated exclusives for Steambox and some unique features that make it stand out from consoles it’s not going to take over the console market.
      It may own the PC market or carve out it’s own section of the video games market, but as long as there’s a market for home console gaming Playstation will likely be the market leader each generation.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      But if Sony is selling on power and not it’s library, what happens when a company comes in and take that market? And most of those exclusives not made by Sony’s 1st party studios are coming to PC with rapid adaptation of Steam by Japanese developers and publishers along with the primary platform for indies. In fact, you may as well call every multiplatform PC exclusive since it will run at the best framerate and resolution there.

      You seem to forget the biggest selling game of the past five years, Minecraft, was a PC exclusive most of it’s life cycle and one of the biggest pushers in PC gaming growth. The most watched gaming channels on youtube are mainly PC gaming related.

      I just see an ignorant Sony fanboy stuck in his bubble and desperately clinging onto exclusives and the past as Sony is a company rapidly in decline and Playstation will just be the name of an Amazon operated cloud service in the future.

  • MrSec84 .

    Yeah PS4’s line-up of exclusives for 2015 is just amazing, for quality, variety and sheer volume it’s just so much better in all of those areas compared to the Xbox One.

    15 full on exclusive games confirmed for this year (only coming to PS4 for life), at least 6 AAA full retail exclusives, Drawn to Death, WiLD and GT7 may be added to the line-up too, which would bring it up to 18 PS4 only titles and Sony could announce even more by the end of the year.
    Xbox One only has 3 full exclusives (games not only on Xbox One) confirmed so far, sure it has other games that are either not launching on PS4 or timed exclusives, but as far as full exclusives only available on Xbox One it’s a tiny and pretty mediocre line-up.

    It’s really rather funny that Xbox fanboys claimed that PS4 didn’t have any games last year (even though it had the bigger and higher rated line-up), yet it still sold way more software and as everyone knows moved a lot more hardware, but this year the size of the library coming is even bigger and with more than double the full retail AAA exclusives.

    Yes PS4 will sell a lot more than XBox One this year.

    Wii U also has a far better exclusive line-up for 2015 too. Microsoft had better announce some more exclusives, otherwise Xbox One will get ignored outside of the die hard fans of the system.

    • Vance

      I wonder what 15 full exclusives you’re talking about. maybe you should check your “facts” again.

    • MrSec84 .

      These 15 exclusives: 1)Bloodborne ((1)AAA), 2)The Order 1886 ((2)AAA), 3)Ratchet & Clank ((3)), 4)Uncharted 4 ((4)), 5)Fat Princess Adventures, 6)Alienation, 7)Rime, 8)Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, 9)Tearaway Unfolded (5), 10)The Tomorrow Children, 11)Until Dawn (6), 12)Let it Die (7), 13)Deep Down (8), 14)Shadow of the Beast, 15)Abzu.

      Facts are fully in check and so far it’s 8 AAA games for PS4, 2 of which are F2P.

      Microsoft only has Halo 5, Quantum Break and Fable Legends confirmed for 2015 and those are the only true exclusives.

      Sony has a lot of 1st party and 2nd party studios that have been dead quiet about their projects, I doubt what’s been confirmed for 2015 is all they have.
      It’s highly doubtful that Microsoft are going to announce enough games to launch more AAA titles than Sony this year.

    • Vance

      Abzu = 2016, PC and ps4.

      Xbox has a decent amount of announced games too abzu will also be on pc, so is only a console exclusive. also I thought I had read some time ago that rime was to be an xbox game….just checked and as it turns out that changed.

      xbox hasn’t announced an extra amount of games for 2015 yet, but as they’ve done a couple times in the
      past by announcing games only a couple months before release they did this for forza horizon 2 and MCC. so far Microsoft has announced about 24 xbox exclusives
      along with about 33 Microsoft and console exclusives not including “timed”. All in all I do believe sony has announced more games so far but like I said Microsoft doesn’t always announce their games too early. So as far I can see it’s still up in the air.

    • MrSec84 .

      So I was wrong about one game, there’s still 14, with Drawn To Death, WiLD and GT7 possible this year, so it’s 14 guaranteed, full PS4 exclusive, with 17 possible as far as we know, maybe more.

      Xbox One has 3 games that are true exclusive titles, only coming to that platform, that’s Halo 5, Quantum Break and Fable Legends confirmed for this year, that’s not a decent amount of games, it’s tiny, 3 vs 14.
      WiLD is likely to drop this year, as is Drawn to Death, which is currently in pre-alpha and playable.
      Sony may also have Kill Strain from San Diego, so that brings it back up to a potential 18 true exclusives.

      MCC and FH2 weren’t exclusives, MCC is just a bundle of OG XB and XB360 games and FH2 released on 360.
      What 24 truly exclusive games are supposedly coming to Xbox One this year?
      By which I mean games that will only be released on Xbox One and nothing else.

      Seriously dude if you’re going to try and use games that are both exclusive or happen to not be releasing on PS4, then I can do the same for Playstation 4, games launching on PS3 or PC, but staying off of Xbox or even timed exclusives probably double of not triple PS4’s 2015 line-up, but if we’re both fair and only count games that are only ever releasing on PS4 or Xbox One, but never coming to another platform (at least before the 9th console gen starts) then as it stands PS4 has 14, with 18 possible (all announced, not fan invented), XBox One has 3 right now, with Scalebound, Crackdown and Phantom Dust being up in the air and no hint of when their actual release dates are, except for maybe Crackdown, but those hints appear to be coming from Xbox Fans, but the developers or Microsoft.

      Sony did the exact same thing with announcing some games close to their launch.
      Technically Bloodborne was announced inside of a year from it’s release, LBP3, Entwined, Ratchet & Clank, Alienation they are all slated for release less than a year from when they were announced.

      I didn’t say that the 3 games confirmed for 2015 was all Microsoft had for Xbox One, I just said it’s what’s confirmed at this point, but given that Sony already has over 4.5X the number of true exclusives confirmed for this year, with another 3 games that have been announced, but no confirmation of whether they’re 2015 or 2016.

      Looking at the numbers Sony are even more likely to announce more games throughout the various conferences this year, just like they did last year.
      In reality only a few Sony games have been announced long before they’re likely to come out.

      Sony’s hardly announced their line-up too early, they have a lot of games that are going to be ready to release this year, so they just haven’t bundled up a small portion of those releases into one conference like Microsoft has.
      Microsoft basically had nothing to talk about for months, I mean throughout all of last year, they announced a fraction of the games that Sony has.

      You say Microsoft has announced 24 exclusives, what are those 24 exclusives?

      I think I’ve even missed some of Sony’s games, like the Japanese titles like Disgea 5, Hyper Dimension Neptunia 7, etc which can all get localized to the west and many of those games likely, like they did on basically every Playstation console.
      As it stands I think PS4 has well over 40 actual exclusives , this includes games already released or announced, it’s about 45 if we count God of War 4.

      It’s far from being up in the air as to who will have the most games this year, I mean seriously Sony already has more than 4X the amount of games XBox one has incoming, Microsoft has never been known to focus more on exclusives than Sony.
      In all likelihood Sony will announce even more games to top that line-up up for titles releasing over the next 11/12ish months.
      Basically Microsoft are once again playing catch, Sony are in a position to get far more external developer support because of their much better sales position too.

      Microsoft will no doubt announce a few games here and there that will release a few months after they’re announced, but Sony can and likely will be doing the same.

      Given that Sony always holds conferences at all of the major events, especially on the PS4 and now they have their own Playstation specific event it’s basically 5 events every year that they’ll announce more, new games at, with many of those titles probably dropping less than 6 months from when they’re announced.

      What you have to remember though is that new titles require marketing, especially the big AAA games, if Microsoft hasn’t announced many of those yet then at best they may have a few, but like I said Sony probably does too.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Hyperdimension Neptunia is coming to PC. Nippon Ichi has also said they are interested in porting the Disgaea series to PC. KillStrain is a SOE game and will also be on PC like H1Z1 and Planetside 2.

      If anything you are just showing how pointless owning a PS4 is because the games are coming to PC anyway.

    • MrSec84 .

      Hyperdimension Neptunia v2 is a PS4 exclusive.
      Disgaea 5 is a PS4 exclusive.
      Killstrain isn’t an SOE developed game, check the website, Sony San Diego are developing it, it’s a PS4 exclusive.

      H1Z1 and Planetside yeah those are Sony Online Entertainment games and they of course released on PC 1st or get console exclusivity.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      That’s what they said about One Piece Pirate Warriors and now that’s coming to PC. Hyperdimension Neptunia devs are interested in porting the entire series to PC.

      But please, continue to be in denial and prove it’s not just a river in Egypt.

    • MrSec84 .

      Prove it, can you provide a link?

      I’m not in denial about anything, if there’s a statement somewhere then you’ll be able to find it, right?

    • Xbox Fans Have No Integrity Or

      Havent heard of it, havent heard of it and haven’t heard of it.. next please… yawn..

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Thought you had to viral market all the “exclusives” on PS4, console peasant marketer?

    • Starman

      That is the weakest line up ever , all will perform crappy , they’re too superficial over at Sony , looks before gameplay … bad idea , their games sucks .

    • Agent_Blade

      Have you played any of these games? Do you own them? I don’t think so. Your comment= Invalid.

    • MrSec84 .

      The blind hatred is strong with that guy!

    • MrSec84 .

      PS4’s line-up for 2015 is the strongest ever, all will perform well, they have incredible depth in their software line-up, that’s what Playstation is all about, hence why even giving the competition a years head start, costing 50% more, with only a little performance lead, making major screw ups on the complexity of their hardware set-up they still lead on PS3 compared 360, because it had the far better exclusives.
      The only difference between PS4 and PS3 is that PS4 takes this several steps forward as far as the stellar incoming line-up of games goes.

      These games have it all, gameplay first, looks.

      You’re blinded by your hatred kid, if you really think what you’ve written about PS4’s line-up for this year you have no taste when it comes to games.

      PS4 continues to beat the Xbox One’s line-up by light years.

      Your opinion means nothing judging by the fact you’re nothing but a Playstation hating troll.
      You’re entirely ignorant, the funny thing is that if any of these games were on Xbox they’d be amazing.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      That’s probably the saddest exclusive list. Especially as Everybody’s Gone to the rapture, Abzu, Deep Down and Rime will have PC releases.

    • MrSec84 .

      LMFAO if you think that you have no taste.

      Abzu you’re right about, but the rest are all PS4 exclusives, you’re wrong, proof or you’re talking rubbish.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Yeah, about most of those.

    • MrSec84 .

      If I said a games a PS4 exclusive, then I meant it’s only available on PS4, no timed-exclusivity (that’s games like No Man’s Sky and Hellblade, amongst maybe some others), no releases on other platforms.

      Full on exclusives are only on that platform or the rights to them are controlled by Sony, so the games only go where they want, all the time they have a platform of their own their not putting them anywhere else.

    • Roger

      no mans sky is releasing on pc aswell dude

    • MrSec84 .

      Read again dude, I was saying that No Man’s Sky and Hellblade are timed exclusives.

  • Mark

    I agree with Pach when he says, “IF, the X1 increases in price”. And the fact that Sony will have games dropping year round, interest will be solid for the PS4. However, do people really think the Xbox is only gonna get; Qbreak, Halo 5, Tomb Raider, ScreamRide, and Fable, in 2015?! Phil already responded to Pach’s statement about this…….there’s more unannounced games coming to X1, but more so toward second half of 2015. I mean c’mon I’m playing a good 3 weeks of Halo 5 NOW! Haha. I’ll be finishing Sunset and Halo 2 Anniversary afterward. Both companies just have 2 different release strategies. But BOTH, will have a solid amount of exclusives to play next year. Boom

  • someguy-_-

    I own both systems so who cares. I will get 4-5 PS4 games and the only two games that peak my interest for xbone. If the wii u has something good out this year I will surely get it too.

    Fan-boys can die. Real gamers support all systems.

    • Jaster

      Agreed. I don’t know why people argue about which system is best. The best system is the one that has the games that give the individual the best gaming experience. It’s subjective.

    • someguy-_-

      This person gets it!

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Still waiting for Nintendo to go mobile, Pachter.

    • Xbox Fans Have No Integrity Or

      Sorry idiot but that’s not going to happen.. The japanese don’t live by your western standards and have much more pride in themselves than most of us americans do. Once you accept that fact.. the better off you’re going to be squirt.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Yes. Like the company that spied on it’s users via rootkits and has been trying to destroy net neutrality. Oh wait. That’s Sony. They don’t have any integrity or dignity. Neither do their shills like you, console peasant.

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