Microsoft One’s Phil Spencer Explains Why Console Exclusives On PC Benefits Gamers

It’s the circle of sales life.

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Phil Spencer has been hard at work pitching just why, exactly Microsoft pushing quite a few of its Xbox One exclusive games over the to PC and one of the key points the Xbox One chief has been hitting on lately is that having those games on Windows 10 as well benefits the gaming community as a whole. If that’s really true, then the gaming community should be quite healthy in the coming years considering just how many games are going to be on both Xbox One and the PC.

While Crackdown 3 and Quantum Break won’t be on the PC, because it was too late in those games’ development cycles to make them compatible with Windows 10, it appears that the company will be doing it more often moving forward. Sitting down with VentureBeat, Spencer said that it’s all a kind of circle of life when it comes to how Microsoft having more games on Windows 10 and Xbox One helps everyone because it means more copies sold.

“In order for us to realize what we want to realize, the financials have to work. This is why at certain times, when people will push on, ‘Hey, should Xbox console games go to PC? Why are you guys focusing on Windows?’—People have to step back and see that the more games we sell, the more people who are buying games on Xbox Live, the better the business is and the more we can invest in it. For Xbox fans, it creates more opportunity.” Spencer said.

While the argument might be true that Microsoft will have more money to invest if it sells more copies of games, it’s clearly doing this move more to help itself. Benefitting the gaming community as a whole is the aftereffect. Maybe that’s OK though.

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  • Psionicinversion

    a company doing something for itself really… oh noes. Is true though, the more copies it sells the more money it has to invest in games seeing port time is really small with DX12 cost will be minimal but can stand to reap a ton of money. If they make it digital only they make more money to

    • Mark

      Yeah that was a strange statement @ the end. But they need to make money. I think people see Microsoft as some huge company with limitless resources so why can’t they just pour all the funds into gaming & not worry about profits? Well because they’re a business smh. Double standard indeed.

  • lagann

    You must be salty that people called you out on your “720p standard for Xbox One games” bs from your other article. In fact, you haven’t even bothered to edit out your false statement.

    Now, because Phil Spencer gave a truthful response, without the bs, you somehow want to twist it into a negative thing.

    Do you know what a For profit corporation is? Yes, MS, Sony, Valve, etc are all For Profit corps. If any of these corps don’t get sales….guess what? They won’t want to invest even more money into whatever didn’t net them returns.

    You earn money, you deduct costs, you have a certain profit, you invest that profit into your business, you get more games made. Yes, circle of life indeed. So why the cheap knock at the end of the article? What was the point? Click bait? So more people comment? What is it?

    • Mark

      That’s my assesment as well….are we as gamers ignorant enough to think gaming is some kind of charity case? Haha. I mean of course they have to make profits in order to have the confidence to build a sequel or to invest in new IP. People always bash “rehashes” and sequels, they want new IP right, but how can u expect them to take a big risk on a new game if they aren’t making money in general? Look at how many studios went under the last 4 years.

      To say “Microsoft really wants the money for themselves. Benefitting the gamer is an after effect”…..hunh? Microsoft making more profits = more reinvestment. Is it not that simple? People love to paint MS as money hungry bastards, but last I checked they operate under something called Capitalism, u know like Sony and Ninty too. What all us gamers want is for these systems to sell alot, the more sales for each system, the more games and more options we have……that’s why I don’t mind most X1 exclusives on PC, others are worried about some fanboy war.

    • lagann

      Couldn’t have said it any better.


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