MotoGP 14 Dev Praises PS4’s Architecture And SDK, Explains Why The Game Is Not Coming On Xbox One

“We can ensure our fans that we will include Xbox One into our next line up,” says the game’s director.

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MotoGP 14

Speaking to MotoGP 14 ‘s director, Andrea Basilio, GamingBolt asked whether they found the PlayStation 4’s API easier to use compared to say the graphics API found on PCs.

“The right comparison is between PS3 and PS4. The new SDK and the console architecture of PS4 are much easier to work with compared to the PS3. Obviously, the fact that the console itself is very similar to a PC is a very good news for the developer; Sony worked very hard in order to obtain a simple and usable platform for the developers and we appreciate that,” he said.

He also revealed the reason behind the lack of Xbox One version of MotoGP 14, but at the same time assuring that the next iteration will see a release on the Xbox One.

“This year we’d like to reach high standards in terms of quality. We’ve started the development of MotoGP 14 for PS4 more than a year before the release date. So basically it’s a balance between time and quality. We can ensure our fans that we will include Xbox One into our next line up.”

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  • Dat ESram.

    • Nothing to do with esram. They are using one platform for optimizing their game. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Utedude

      I wonder why a dev would choose PS4 as that one system?

    • Like he said they had been in development for the ps4 a full year before it was released. I doubt the Xbox had SDKs ready at that time. Completely logical.

    • d0x360

      Because. This Dev team always starts with 1 platform and the ps4 SDK was released well before the Xbox one SDK. Historically they release the first game in a new gen on a single platform as to not use resources porting. They spend a lot of time on the engine and gameplay physics. Then each future release they add more platforms. They have been doing like this since the late 90s. They are a small team and they make fantastic games so whatever they have to do to keep quality up is fine by me

    • JerkDaNERD7

      It’s on every platform except the XOne…

    • Guest

      Because ps4 is selling 2x the software on games released. For example watchdogs 2+ million Ps4 and 1 million xbone.

    • Starman

      That’s true , not because they have more systems out there but , the fact they have NO 1st PARTY GAMES … NO GAMES …NOTHING GOING ON …so ofc …PS4 ONLY owners are desperate for games …lol

    • corvusmd

      You’re right!!! They didn’t go X1 because of the eSRAM…they are including the X1 in their next game because they are hoping the eSRAM will disappear by then…good call bud.

  • d0x360

    They do this every gen. They make the first game an exclusive so they can put more resources into the engine and gameplay instead of porting. Then after that it branches out to other platforms. They aren’t a big team.

  • Schultz

    Would like to see this game at 60fps next time.


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