New Crysis 2 Story Trailer Shows Some Epic, Explosive Graphics

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Crytek has released the latest trailer for Crysis 2 featuring the story. The trailer actually goes into the plot of Crysis 2 as well as explaining some of the story and of course the all mighty Nano Suit.  Pre-order the Crysis 2 Limited Edition to get Bonus XP starting you off at level 5 giving you early access to all five preset class load-outs, the SCAR Hologram Decoy attachment, SCAR Weapon Skin and a One-of-a-kind Platinum Dog Tag.
Crysis 2 comes out March 25th, 2011, for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

This isn’t a war ordinary humans can win. From Lingshan to the streets of Manhattan, Crysis 2 picks up the events of the original game and unravels a vast conspiracy against the backdrop of apocalyptic war.

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  • dh4645

    still undecided on this one. still might be playing killozne 3 when this comes out. even though there were issues, the MP modes offered in the beta/demo are a ton of fun, the nanosuit is just awesome. cloaking is fun, just like it is in kz3 as the marksman.

    • joey_kangaroo

      I can’t decide between this and Killzone 3… I’ll probably buy Killzone at release and but Crysis later.

    • lukepc92

      This looks quite good but I’m not a big fan of fighting big ass robots, I like a bitta gore!

    • noxtics

      it seems that if you’re after the multiplayer the game you want is kz3. I tried the multiplayer for crysis 2 and it’s really nothing special. I mean i will give it another try when the full game comes out but really i hope they have something special instore for the single player.

  • This trailer makes me believe this game’s story will be on par with the Half-Life series. On another note, the music gives a sense of urgency, fear and hope. I’m buying this soundtrack (and game if I can find the PS3 Nano Edition anywhere).

  • forb1dden1

    This game looks amazing! I can’t wait till it hits the store. I got my pre-order reciept ready!

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  • Thatruth86

    Ohh wow looking foward to this only for sp the multiplayer I dont care for .. So far im intrigued graphics looks amazing nwho cares if its not on par with pc still looks goood.. Never played the first one but oh well. But im not bought on buying it on day one ill wait

    • noxtics

      yeah i am with you here to me the single player is going to be the make or break for this game, because the multiplayer has been done

  • aquaman22

    Okay damn! that’s all i have to say about what i JUST saw!! I mean i knew this game was going to be good, but after this trailer it just makes the game look GREAT! Of course I’m not buying until AFTER i’ve exhausted KZ3 because i just don’t have the money to be buying all these damn games man! Look i havent purchased LBP2, or Dead Space 2!!! and Just think that we still have SOCOM 4, inFAMOUS 2, RESISTANCE 3!!!, UNCHARTED 3!!! and KILLZONE 3!!! crap man! i may need to rob a bank!!! lol But this game looks very stunning and Can’t wait to see what kinds of reviews it’ll get.

    • Thatruth86

      lmao yea its crazy right too many games and i dnt have the money either to just throw it out there .. man we should rob a bank together maybe we will get away now a days lol .. but these graphics look superb i can honestly say i love video games n this is why i do i feel like im the game its a great feeling lol but crysis look sick i wonder how long its going to be beat it ..

    • noxtics

      yeah there really are a lot of games coming out this year …big ones too and those are just the shooters ..there’s big stuff in racing coming out this year ..there are also big rpgs out this year …we might see diablo 3 this year!!!

    • Thatruth86

      yea i know theres other great genre games coming out but im not interested in them ima action shooter puzzle adventure gamer so this a game id like to play even though i might not play anytime soon.. but to set in nyc better be good nyc is the heart “)

  • aquaman22

    Let’s just put it this way, THIS year at least because we don’t know what’s in store for us next year but THIS year i think they’ll be a AAA title for every damn genre in gaming and that is impressive. You’re talking about racing, RPG, FPS, TPS (Third Person Shooters), Family games, horror games, ANY GAME really. So save up the dough fellas!!! sell lemonade on your block if you have to like back in the day! Aqua Out!!!


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