Nintendo NX Hardware Specs Possibly Leaked, More Powerful, Contrary To Previous Reports

Nintendo, just reveal the damn thing already.

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When there was a rather extensive leak on the upcoming Nintendo NX, Nintendo’s enigmatic new system that they had somehow managed to completely keep under the wraps until just now, a lot of our hopes were met, but there were some that were dashed, too. A handheld-console hybrid, the NX would be the most powerful portable system ever built, and seems set to be the ultimate Nintendo machine, but it also seems that as a console, it shall be fairly weak- more powerful than the Wii U, but a far cry from the PS4 competitor that so many were expecting.

However, since then, new reports have come to light regarding the system, and it sounds like the NX may actually be more powerful, and be using more modern chips, than what was initially reported. Eurogamer’s leak for the system discussed that the devkits all seemed to be using an Nvidia Tegra X1, with the caveat added that the active cooling in the system seemed to suggest that the final version may actually be using a more advanced chip- like the still unannounced Nvidia Tegra X2. Now, insiders are confirming that this thesis was indeed on the mark, and that the NX will be using an Nvidia chip based on the Pascal architecture.

What does this mean in normal terms? It means that the NX will not be using the Tegra X1, since that is based on the Maxwell architecture. It also implies that the NX may end up being more powerful and simultaneously more power efficient than we previously suspected- since it is using a chip based on the Pascal architecture. Theoretically, this means that the NX could be more powerful than we initially suspected. Not PS4 Neo level or anything like that, no, but more powerful than the original Xbox One? There definitely seems to be a chance of that happening now.

That is, if this rumor is even true. It might not be, and though this insider has a generally good track record with his leaks so far, the fact remains that until Nintendo actually come out and reveal what the NX is, or until Nvidia unveil the Tegra 2 officially, we have nothing but speculation to go on.

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  • Jeff Brooke

    I’ve gotta say, I’m a little apprehensive, as we may be going back into the realms of wishful thinking, but as a few are now reporting it’s an X2, and actually right from the first eurogamer report people were saying the X2 was more likely (why else would nintendo wait until after the lucrative holiday season to launch a console??) I am still excited by this. Will this X2 really beat out the graphics of the xbox one? I’m not sold on that entirely, but even if it’s comparable, I think this will be a massive launch for nintendo, and really I’d sooner have 95% of the xb1 with 6 hours game play than 105% with 5 hours battery!

    Will it save them? I don’t know. They’ve already lost so much ground to mobile by spending more than a decade not trying hard enough with performance that it may already be too late, but I really rather hope it isn’t.

  • Nintengods

    Nintendo keeps on winning

  • CTMike

    The low price point and X2 seems a bit of a stretch to me but, if it’s a custom Tegra that’s somewhere inbetween (with Pascal architecture), it would be interesting to see how much Nintendo can push out of it.

    The Wii U was woefully underpowered but Nintendo really managed to push a great performance out of it. If they’re not tied to Android with a decent Tegra, I reckon they’ll be pushing XB1 levels.

    That said, this is all personal musing based on other’s speculation and knowledge of architecture. The reality could be almost anything – Nintendo love to surprise us, for better or worse.

    • Orion Wolf

      Perhaps Nvidia wants to get someone to use their mobile chips even if they have to sell them for half their worth … the x1 didn’t sell all that well from what I can remember, but as you I’m intrigued (perplexed) by the oxymoron of having the newest Tegra chip in the NX and it being more powerful than the xb1, while still being cheaper than what “the was majority” expects.

      Another question – will be a replacement to the 3ds?

      The 3DS GPU had 5 (ish) gflops of power, so I can’t wait to see future handheld games, but with devs having 100 x (or more) power at their disposal – imagine the next Pokemon game on this thing.

    • CTMike

      It’s certainly exciting either way. I’m of the opinion that they will pull a DS / GameBoy in that they’re saying it’s not a replacement but really, it is.

      I suspect they’ll line up their next home console depending on market trends and NX performance and that the NX ultimately becomes a direct 3DS replacement.

      Whatever the intention, I can’t see the next mainline Pokemon appearing on anything but NX and that will be a very important moment for Nintendo. A full-blown home console level Pokemon experience (as an actual mainline entry) would skyrocket hardware sales providing the Pokemon Company don’t push too hard for bigger mobile (Android/iOS) entries.


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