Nintendo NX Has Been Quite The Mystery – Trine 3 Developer

Nintendo, you guys seem to be missing the point…

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nintendo nx

The recurring theme in a lot of the conversations that we at GamingBolt have had with game creators and developers about Nintendo’s upcoming console, the enigmatic Nintendo NX, has been that they don’t know a damn thing about it, any more than we do. Nintendo may ostensibly be hoping for the NX to be the console that makes them competitive in the console space again, but they’re definitely not sharing exactly what the NX is with developers, any more than they are with us.

For instance, we talked to Kai Tuovinen from Frozenbyte, the developers of Trine 3, about the Nintendo NX, and what their stance on the machine was. What they told us wasn’t too different from what we have heard from other developers about the new console- they don’t exactly know much about it.

“We’re always looking at new platforms and the NX has been quite the mystery. We look forward to more information about it,” Tuovinen said.

Nintendo, look, I don’t know if you really hope to have much third party support on the NX- but if you do, you’re really not going about it the right way.

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  • maybe nintendo still finalizing their ideas and haven’t start production on the nx yet, it did get a march 2017 release window, probably late q3 or early q4 of 2016, nintendo will probably release the nx dev. kits by then.

    • DarthDiggler

      If they wait until next year there won’t be many games. They should alread have the Dev kits out there now or soon but they may not reflect the final specs.

    • yea is best if they release at q3 of 2016 (july-september) for the dev kits.

  • TheRetroGamingBlog

    The last paragraph really shows what an infantile and non story article this is. I’m sure Nintendo have this covered – your advice should be focused more on facts than your teenage angst and need to chortle from ivory towers.

    • Emmaldrake1

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    • DarthDiggler

      Agreed too many armchair CEOs have all the answers. Sony and MS were both coy about their specs. Sony let their devs think PS4 only had 4GB of memory.


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