Nintendo NX Has To Be Priced Under $300 – Michael Pachter

This is based on the disaster that was the launch of the Wii U.

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About all we know about the Nintendo NX is that the company wants to make better use of its IP for the next generation console than it has in the past. What we don’t know is how much the company is planning on charging once it finally hits the market. Industry Analyst Michael Pachter recently took some guesses at what he believes Nintendo should price the console, though he made it clear he has no inside info on whether the firm is going to follow his advice.

On episode 3 of his new show Pachter Factor which can be seen at Siftd, Pachter talks about his projections for the MSRP for the Nintendo NX. The analyst was specifically asked,”What price will Nintendo charge for its NX at launch? If it is really a console/handheld hybrid with industry-leading chips can it be priced less than $400? And who will buy NX, except Nintendo enthusiasts, for that price, assuming the massive install base of the PS4 and Xbox One by then?” And his response was that he doesn’t really have a clue what Nintendo will do.

What he did say is that he believes Nintendo needs to charge no more than $299 for the new console, and pointed to the horrendously bad launch of the Wii U when it had a price point of $349. Pachter also made the comment that when this console finally does launch, which will likely be the fall of 2016, the PS4 and Xbox One will likely both be carrying price points of $299. The analyst believes if the Nintendo NX is priced above those two consoles, it better be able to do a lot more.

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  • Psionicinversion

    This guy needs to stfu. Nintendo can launch at$400 as long s the hardware is there to back it up I’d it’s weaker than current consoles there yeah it will have to launch at $300

    • Hermione Granger

      no they cant at all. they need to stick to the $299 or they will have another wiiu on their hands..

    • Psionicinversion

      No that’s a ridiculous idea. If its$300 initially it could be less powerful than the xbox if there doing some stupid hand held thing. That will flop. Price it at $400 can easily overpower the ps4 at that price point… Easily and people will buy it.

      The Wii U flopped because a big chunk of the consoles cost was the tablet that came with it and the cpu/gpu power suffered because of it so was under powered. Price at $400 more powerful the games will run better and it will guarantee 3rd party support.

      Can’t believe you listen to that idiot pachter he’s a joke

    • Jaedre


    • Hermione Granger

      no you dont…

    • Hermione Granger

      but he is right this time. people buy the ninty consoles as a second console now and dont have it as their main… no one will buy a $400 mario console that have no third party support, and that is a fact.

    • Psionicinversion

      no 3rd party support… really… well theres whispers about alot of devs jumping on board with the NX so there should be a fair amount of 3rd party games at NX’s launch…. cry some more buddy boy

    • Hermione Granger

      jumping aboard, lol… that is talk straight from the b u t t, no one know how powerful the new ninty console is yet. more powerful than the ps4 is all speculations, but we know one thing for sure. ninty always release a under powered system. because they are more about the games than powerful hardware…

    • Psionicinversion

      yes they will know how powerful the NX is or at least round abouts. Its only 1 year away which means they should have dev kits in there hands around now. also if nintendo is using vulkan theyll be adding it to there game engines soonish.

      It also needs about 6 month manufacture to release time so yeah, guess your wrong again

    • Hermione Granger

      they have claimed its more powerful than ps4 and high end pc… lol… you go suck up the lies mister wrong. on the wiiu all the third parties said they was aboard before it released and we did see how that ended…

    • Psionicinversion

      3rd party support ended when the X1 and ps4 got released because wii u wasnt powerful enough. There still a few years left in the current consoles at least

      Im basing it as more powerful than PS4 on the fact it will be manufactured on the 16/14nm process, meaning double the die density. PS4 got 1152, can EASILY fit 2304 SP’s into the same space on the 16/14nm node. PC GPU’s will have 6000-8000 SP’s when the new ones come out so no it will be NO WHERE near as powerful asa high end PC

    • Hermione Granger

      i will tell you something that is a good example of this ‘aint powerful enough’ blablabla lies….

      we heard about it for weeks how activision excused themself and whined about the ps3 wasnt good enough for blackops3. so they had to make a crap version of blackops3 for the ps3. because it it couldnt handle the lastest blakopes3…

      then raise of the tomb raider arrived on the xbone and xb360…

      and you know what the game is fantastic on the xb360, a console that is as powerful as the ps3… and we know the wiiu is as powerful as the xb360 and ps3 too… so the third parties is full of bs when they say they cant make good conversions of games on the xbone/ps4 for less powerful systems.

    • Psionicinversion

      MS paid for the 360 port of RotR it had nothing to do with crystal dynamics. multiplayer is far easier on the system than a single player campaign for a start.

      Maybe Wii U’s downfall was the fact no one bought it so they couldnt be bothered making games for it but end of the day doesnt matter because It launched 1 year before PS4 X1 and was vastly inferior so why bother.

    • Oliver VanDervoort

      You know that’s exactly what he said … right?

      “Pachter also made the comment that when this console finally does launch, which will likely be the fall of 2016, the PS4 and Xbox One will likely both be carrying price points of $299. The analyst believes if the Nintendo NX is priced above those two consoles, it better be able to do a lot more.”

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