Nintendo NX: The Console Does Not Need To Copy PS4/Xbox One To Be Successful

Analyst believes 3DS and Wii success shows Nintendo can go its own and still be successful.

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nintendo nx

We don’t yet know all that much about the Nintendo NX and what the console is going to bring when it’s finally unveiled but there are certainly plenty of people willing to guess at what the device needs to have in order to be successful. Most people think in order for Nintendo to get back into the console wars, the NX needs to be something that can directly compete with the PS4 or the Xbox One.

Matt Diener, who is a qualitative analyst for EEDAR recently spoke to about what Nintendo needs to do and pointed out being the outlier in the gaming industry has served the company well in the past. “I don’t think the NX needs to compete against the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to be successful. Nintendo has a history of doing things its own way, and that’s partially what’s allowed it to deliver excellent, oddball experiences like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker completely out of left field. When this experimentation works, as it did so well for the Wii, DS, and 3DS, it has paid dividends for Nintendo – but, unfortunately, when you take big risks, you’re going to have a few missteps along the way,” Diener said.

Considering some reports suggesting Nintendo isn’t going to have the biggest and the best hardware in its console, it seems the company won’t be trying to directly compete with either of the big two current gen devices. Just how the company does attempt to win over gamers is anyone’s guess at this point.

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  • domahman

    it’s okay. we just won’t buy it if it’s just wii 1.1…just don’t build it. Or if it’s at the level of a ps4.

    • Rodney Patrick

      And that’s still not saying much

    • Kim Huff

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  • polysix

    This guy is wrong. Nintendo do indeed, finally, need to stop half-assing the tech/power of their consoles so they get defacto standard ports of ALL multi platform titles.

    The days of ‘cool gimmicks’ as a console shifter alone is over, they need to at least be a LOT more powerful than the PS4 by the time it arrives or non Ninty fans will just sigh and continue with the wonderfully supported PS4 they already have (until PS5). Nintendo should combine class leading power with their innovation and have plenty of GOOD first party games to go at launch instead of promises and good intentions.

    They are fighting back from waaaay behind now and can’t afford to mess it up with being too clever (or trying to), they just need to supply good horsepower to make stunning renditions of their beloved first party IP and allow all third party devs the power to port or target, anything else would be yet another misfire.

    To me, even though the original Wii sold many units (very good sales) it was a failure because software attach rate and user loyalty was the lowest of any of that gen’s consoles, and that is what counts overall not amount of hardware sold (then abandoned/stuck in closet next to the unused exercise bike like all the other soccer mom fads).

    So this guy is clearly talking out of his a$$ and is out of touch with the problems and reality facing Nintendo, not even their first party titles strength (mario, zelda, crossing etc) can automagically pull them out of a sinking ship IF they can’t provide a compelling, strong platform for all multiplatform games and real reason for everyone to ‘upgrade’ or jointly own the NX + PC/PS4. Anything less than ‘quite a bit more powerful than PS4’ will be a pointless waste of time, mario rehashes don’t quite cut it anymore without genuine “wow” technology to push it to the top tier of presentation. The innovations and cleverness (which we are yet to see) for the NX will be a welcome bonus/icing on the cake but they alone won’t clinch the deal for many already dug in console owners.

    • Yamashita Sensee

      This is exactly my opinion too, provided their goal is to be the preferred brand by those who care more than a bit about video games. The problem is, ever since Iwata, Nintendo’s main goal has been a different one.

    • Rashad1050

      Exactly bro, YES!

  • stephendeo

    Nintendo does not copy, nintendo gets copied

  • GenXtasy .

    Qualitative Analyst?

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