Nintendo NX To Possibly Receive The Legend of Zelda As A Launch Title

This could give a big boost to NX if true.

Posted By | On 06th, Mar. 2016 Under News, Rumors

nintendo nx

While we still don’t know that much about the Nintendo NX there appears to be more and more evidence that the console might actually be launching later this year. Of course, when we say evidence we mean there is a lot of talk from people who have been leaned on as sources in the past. Nintendo has been promising we’ll learn more later this year but so far we haven’t learned much of anything other than we’re still waiting.

On February 22nd, a Neogaf user posted a thread where he talked about the plans of the Nintendo 3DS and the NX. That thread seems to have delivered when it comes to Pokemon Sun and Moon. Since that seems to have been true, it makes some sense that some other claims might be true as well. Among those claims is the talk that the newest Legend of Zelda is going to be a Nintendo NX launch title.

This of course would be big news considering there have been more than a few people who have been skeptical as to whether or not the NX could even launch this year. Most people have said they don’t expect it until next year. It’s of course possible that the new Legend of Zelda could launch on the Wii U this year and then be ported over to the NX when that console is ready. However we will not know for sure unless Nintendo sheds more light on whats going on, but the company did say the end of 2016 is going to be a busy time, and that could be because they will be making and shipping the console this Holiday season.

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  • Paladinrja

    It won’t need porting. NX has been stated to be based on tech that allows Nintendo to absorb all previous use of past tech and bring the console into parity, at least this initial component. Nintendo has also been successfully busy unifying development.

    They’ve also stated repeatedly, even when relaying that LoZU will not be part of directs and every mention of the new LoZ is a Wii U title specifically. During the initial development of Twilight Princess, it was always stated to to be a gamecube game and was delayed a year for refinement and to be ported to Wii. So its not something that just happened without warning or came out of nowhere.

    Of most interest in all of this is how Nintendo have shown the leaping from horseback mechanic in the previous showings of the progress of the game. Given that Nintendo has been busy updating its catalog of games in HD (where relevant) and that this is a Wii U game that features extensive use of the GP. I guess it kinda means there is going to be GP support with NX. That being the case then one could consider every Wii U game to be available at launch for NX.

    In all reality, there is not much Nintendo could do with its Wii U games to make them somehow a differentiating experience by simply upscaling the resolution of the content which they can do without any special porting. They are already in HD with great high res texture work.

  • if it is the wii u version ported for nx then I probably wait for the next Zelda game on nx, or smash bros. nx, whichever comes 1st.

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