Nintendo NX Won’t Have The Latest And Greatest Hardware – SuperData’s Analyst

Will Nintendo make its same old mistakes?

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While we don’t know what the Nintendo NX is going to be bringing to the world of the consoles, there are almost an un-endless number of people who are willing to take a swipe at what they think the company will be bringing. At times, we’ve been able to gather some of the information through various patent filings the company has made itself. Other times we’ve had to make do with whispers and industry analysts giving their best guesses. This includes what kind of internal hardware the console is going to have.

During an open Q&A with SuperData’s analysts one of the people in attendance asked them what kind of powerful software will be included according to “All of the above. There is no reason to go one way and not the other way. The critical component is the relationships. Nintendo will continue to hold high standards for its third party developers, that’s not going away. At it’s core, it’s a game company and will always look for the polished, high-quality experiences…Will it be the latest and greatest [hardware]? Probably not…Nintendo will most likely always be pursuing a more casual audience,” SuperData Research’s Joost van Dreunen said.

Of course, it’s possible the analyst is wrong and Nintendo will be changing the way they do things for this console. One of the reasons the Wii U failed so badly is that it wasn’t able to compete with the PS4 and Xbox On in terms of power. If the Nintendo NX does indeed come with software that isn’t top of the line, it might be dead before really has a chance to get off the ground.

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  • Michael Norris

    If it isn’t at least 25-40% more powerful it is dead…unless Nintendo can launch a real Zelda and Mario title in the first few years. Not this New super Mario bs an actually real Mario title. I also think Nintendo burned a lot of their customers. You can talk all you want about Ps4/Xone but both consoles get a steady stream of 3rd party titles that Nintendo’s console’s just don’t get.

    • sk8ersublime

      Zelda is a must launch title for a new console. Add a Mario or a Metroid and you’ve got a massive release.

      The Wii U failed because it was called the Wii U.

    • Michael Norris

      I agree and to be honest i want the NX to be a hit the console market needs it overall.

  • Donovan Tull

    Well, this is clickbait. Notably he seems to be ignoring the long ago released dev kit, which high end PC’s struggle with.

    And no console is completely up to date tech wise.

  • Jack Smith

    Poorly written, and seems to both ignore what the analyst says and confuse “software” with “hardware” toward the end.

  • Hermione Granger

    who is this SuperData’s Analyst???… i never heard of him. this just sounds like a clickbait and nothing more.

  • Riggybro

    If it is not using the “latest and greatest hardware” then it could still have equal pegging (or better) with current consoles which have mobile phone CPUs and mid range 2011 GPUs.

    So… the comment is kinda redundant.

    (It means the NX won’t have a 980ti, 4ghz 8 core CPU and cost $2000? Oh ok thanks…??)

  • polysix

    “almost an un-endless number of people” no need for the ‘un’ part – the ‘less’ part already implies it, you basically cancelled out the endless and said “a finite amount of people…”. Maybe you were looking for “unending” ?

  • HoistDude

    We already know the NX is going to be powerful. Months ago Nintendo released the dev kit to certain developers and it referenced a systems with some major potential computing power.

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